Life in the UK

Life in the UK may be very different to what you have experienced in your home country. However this is a great opportuntity for you to experience life outside your own country and to meet people from many different countries and cultures.

Leicester in particular is a multi cultural vibrant city which has lots to offer. Leicestershire has three universities so you will find not only many international students but also many students from all over the UK.


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To help you to settle in to life here in Leicester and the UK, we have provided some further information which you may find useful


  • Further guidance on your personal safety whilst living in the UK


  • When you first arrive in the UK you may find this very different to the way of life in your home country. As a result of which you might experience culture shock


  • To help you to settle and understand British culture you may wish to spend a few days living as part of a British family
  • Family




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