Tips for Living in the Community

Be neighbourly

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours, remember that they may not be students
  • Take interest and pride in where you live.  It’s your home and neighbourhood too.

Be safe

  • Shut and lock doors and windows when you are out of your room / house even if it is for a short period of time.

Be considerate

  • Keep the noise levels low and be responsive to requests. 
  • When calling a taxi ask the driver not to sound the horn when arriving at your house.
  • If you are coming home late at night keep your noise to a minimum.
  • Let your neighbours know if you’re planning a party – give them plenty of notice, try to agree a mutually acceptable time for it to end and invite your neighbours along.
  • If an Environmental Health Officer calls round do not ignore them as they have extensive powers and you could end up with a heavy fine and have equipment seized.
  • If you receive any complaints take responsibility and act upon them before the complaints are taken further by the University.  Thoughtless actions may bring the University into disrepute and may lead to disciplinary action.
  • Cyclists should stick to the roads or to designated cycle paths – do not cycle on the pavement.
  • If you have a car, please be considerate with parking, and do not take up your neighbours’ spaces.  Ask your neighbours about the parking policy and whether you need a permit – some roads in Clarendon Park and Highfields areas do now need Residents’ Permits.  More information is available at Leicester City Council.

Be clean and tidy

  • Make sure you know when your rubbish bin needs to go out, and put it away – you can be fined for leaving it out on the street.  Rubbish needs to be in a wheely bin or recycling box. 
  • Recycle your bottles and cans.
  • Take old clothes to a second hand shop and books at the Second Hand Bookshop in the SU.
  • Don’t leave rubbish in the garden or outside the property – it’s easier to clear it up or arrange for it to be taken away.
  • Ensure that your house is kept in good condition to stop damages occurring, this way you won’t lose your deposit
  • Keep the house clean.  This may help prevent vermin infestation.  If you ever see signs of vermin report this to Environmental Health.

Be responsible

  • Remember to register to vote at your term time address if you are a home student, this will enable you to vote at local elections in Leicester and at any General Election.
  • You need a TV licence for the house – if you have a TV in your bedroom and there is a lock on the door you need an individual licence.


Some noise is unavoidable but there are many simple ways in which you can avoid annoying other people. 

  • Move stereos and TVs away from floors and walls and be aware of the volume of your music, especially if it has a loud base.
  • If you play a musical instrument be sensible about when you practice- try to keep to daytime hours
  • When you come in at night avoid being noisy – remove shoes, keep voices down, do not slam doors.
  • If noise affects your studies contact the Student Welfare Service

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