Viewing the Property


 The Check List   Pay Attention to the Doors and Windows!!
  • Take this check list with you in order to make a throrough assessment of any property 
Check List
  • Doors should ideally be fitted with a five-lever mortise deadlock
  • Ensure doors fit their frame securely and are in good, strong condition. 
  • Front doors should have a viewer and door chain whenever possible
  • All downstairs windows, those which can’t be seen from the street and easily accessible upstairs windows should be fitted with key-operated window locks

For more information about door and window security, visit Safer Leicester Partnership

Viewing Tips
  • DO make appointments to view the property before signing any documents
  • DO see as many houses as you possibly can before you make any decisions
  • DO debrief and consider your options. Weigh the pros and cons
  • DO NOT go to view any property on your own 
  • DO have someone go along with you to visit the property.  Along with having them there for safety reasons, you may find their opinion valuable 
  • DO NOT make appointments for later than 20:30. 
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