Take and Compare Notes

Be prepared for a lot of phone calls, loads of legwork, feelings of frustration, despair, disappointment and perhaps even disgust while you are looking but stick with it!  Eventually you will find the right owner/agent with the right property. 

 Details Details Details    Contacting the Agent/Landlord
  • Take down as many details as you can about each property
  • Compare possibilities
  • Determine exact location and time to meet
  • Let the owner/agent know if, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep an appointment
Make sure you ask the important questions!
  • Exact rent and bills
  • amount of deposit
  • Will the landlord be willing to wait for your student loans to go through?
Report and Support

Need to report an incident? Use the University's Report and Support system.

Opening hours

The Student Welfare Service is now based in the new Percy Gee building.

Please contact the Student Welfare Service directly on 0116 223 1185 or email:welfare@le.ac.uk to arrange an appointment or for further information.

The Student Welfare Service is open from 9 - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In an emergency, contact University Security on 0116 252 2888.

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