What is an Inventory?
    • An Inventory is a list of the contents of the property and the condition of each item
    • Without an inventory it is difficult to prove that you did not cause any damage. This gives the landlord the excuse to keep your deposit when you move out
    • You should be given an inventory by your landlord or agent.  If an inventory is not provided make sure to ask for one
    • Make sure that everyone in the household and the landlord or agent have a copy that you and they have all signed and dated
    • If you don't receive an inventory from your landlord, you can take one yourself
    • For more information about Inventories, please visit
     What do I do with the completed inventory?

    You need to go through the inventory and make a note of everything that is included on it.  Also check the following:

    • Is what is on the inventory actually there?
    • Is it in good repair?  If not make a note of this and take timed photographs as evidence
    • If there are extra items present, add them to the inventory, particularly if there are electrical items supplied.

    Once you have checked and completed the inventory, sign and date it

    How do I take an inventory myself if my landlord will not provide one? 
    • Take photographs!  The first time you enter the property after you have received the keys, take photographs with a date stamp, of EVERYTHING!!!  Even the smallest bit of damage should be recorded in an inventory
    • Use this sample inventory to get you started
    • Have an independent witness such as a friend, present when you take the inventory 
    • Ask your witness to sign and date that it's a true record of the condition of the property 
    • If anything is worn, broken, damaged or about to fall apart, report it in writing with your photographs, to your landlord straightaway and keep a copy 


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