Landlords, Access and Your Rights as a Tennant


Your Responsibilities as a tennant

This is a basic overview about the Rights and Responsibilities for you and your landlord. For  more comprehensive information please go to



The landlord, or his or her agent, has a legal right to enter the property at reasonable times of the day to carry out the repairs for which they are responsible and to inspect the condition and state of repair of the property.  The landlord, or their agent, must give a tenant 24 hours' notice in writing of an inspection. Terms for access and procedures for getting repairs done are often included in the tenancy agreement to avoid any confusion at a later date.

Feeling secure in your own home is important, you should know where to go for help should you need it – contact the Welfare Service if you have any concerns.

Harassment can include anything done by a landlord that interferes with your occupation.  It also occurs when your landlord tries to get you out of their property without going through the proper channels.  If you are suffering harassment you can get a legal injunction to stop it, and you may be awarded compensation.

Illegal Eviction – as a tenant you have certain security of tenure.  This means that you cannot be forced to leave your home without a Court Order.  Any attempts to evict you without such an Order are illegal and a criminal offence.  This applies even if you have rent arrears or have breached the tenancy agreement in another way.

 Any of the following actions by your landlord could be harassment:

  • Refusing to allow you access to parts of your accommodation or only allowing access at certain times
  • Preventing you from having guests
  • Constant visits from either your landlord or their agents, visits late at night or without warning
  • Offering you money or threatening you
  • Entering your home when you are not there and without permission
  • Allowing the property to get into such disrepair that it is dangerous or uncomfortable for you to stay there, or leaving building works incomplete
  • Sending builders in at unsocial hours (before 8am)
  • Removing or restricting services, such as hot water or heating
  • Changing locks
  • Moving in ‘stooge’ tenants who cause nuisances e.g. intentional antisocial behaviour
  • Forcing tenants to sign agreements that reduce their rights.


Your landlord’s duties
Your landlord has a responsibility to make sure the property or accommodation you are renting is maintained to a certain standard.

Unless the tenancy has a fixed term of more than seven years, your landlord is responsible for repairs to:

  • The structure and exterior of the property
  • Baths, sinks, basins and other sanitary installations
  • Heating and hot water installations

Responsibility for other repairs should be explained in your contract. The landlord is not responsible for repairing damage caused by a tenant. The rent the landlord charges can include a sum to cover the cost of repairs – but the landlord cannot pass this cost on to the tenant in the form of a separate service charge.

The City Council can help tenants who rent from a private landlord or housing association by requiring the owner to carry out appropriate repairs and improvements. Repairs include leaking roofs, dangerous wiring, dampness and improvements to kitchen and bathroom facilities. Contact the Welfare Service or City Council Tenancy Relations Office for advice.

Tenancy Relations
Tenants involved in a dispute with their landlord or housing association can seek help and advice from the City Council. Enquiries from tenants and landlords of privately rented homes are dealt with within one working day. Telephone: (0116) 252 8707.

An emergency number is available for private tenants to deal with harassment or illegal eviction.  Call (0116) 222 2222 (Leicestershire Police).

 - From Leicester City Council Website








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