First Impressions

To ensure that the community lives in harmony you need to show consideration for people whose lives are likely to be different from yours – families with young children, older residents, and people working at all times of the day and at night.  Don’t forget some people are just returning home from work when you are getting up in the morning, and many are going to bed just as you are going out to enjoy yourself! 

Most noise issues can be resolved with effective communication, but remember that if the other party has consumed alcohol it may be best to wait until the next day to deal with problems.

Students are and can continue to be the best possible ambassadors for the University simply by being good and considerate neighbours.  We also acknowledge that students can experience noise disturbances and antisocial behaviour from their neighbours, if this happens to you contact the Leicester City Noise Team on 0116 252 7001.


The University’s Expectations

Every student who registers with the University of Leicester signs up to The Student Code of Social Responsibility which includes the following statement:

The University expects students to:

  • Remember that their behaviour outside the University reflects on the institution and on the reputation of all its students and to act accordingly
  • Treat fellow members of the University and members of the general public with courtesy at all times
  • Be sensitive to the right to a peaceful existence of those living in and adjacent to student residences (both University –owned and in the private sector)
  •  In particular to refrain from noisy or uncontrolled behaviour at night or in any circumstances where this would cause offence to neighbours
  • Respect the cultural diversity of the University and the local community
  • Refrain from causing damage to public or private property
  • Be aware of environmental issues by disposing of litter and waste responsibly


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Report and Support

Need to report an incident? Use the University's Report and Support system.

Opening hours

The Student Welfare Service is now based in the new Percy Gee building.

Please contact the Student Welfare Service directly on 0116 223 1185 or to arrange an appointment or for further information.

The Student Welfare Service is open from 9 - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In an emergency, contact University Security on 0116 252 2888.

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0116 223 1185