Gas and Electricity   Water and Sewage

N.B. It is an offence for a landlord to overcharge on a meter.  Fiddling with meters is dangerous, it is also illegal.

  •  Unless the landlord has agreed to pay for water and sewage charges you will be liable for these from the date you ‘occupy’ your property. 
  • Contact  Severn Trent Water or The Water Guide for more information about Water and Sewage
Council Tax   Telephone

Under current legislation houses fully occupied by full-time students are ‘exempt dwellings’ and therefore, you are  NOT liable for Council Tax.

  • The University will automatically inform the Council Tax Office in Leicester that you are a registered student;
  • you must inform Registry of your term-time address in order that your information is given to the Council – you should have done this when you registered on-line.
  • If you have not registered your address, do so as soon as possible to maintain your exempt status.   
  • If students and non-students live in your house, the situation becomes complicated and you will need advice; contact the Student Welfare Service.
  • If you receive a Council Tax bill, contact the Student Welfare Service for advice – do not ignore it.
  • For more information about Students and Council tax, visit
  • If you have a landline telephone consider getting an itemised bill. 
  • Visit  Money Saving for more information about how to choose a Telephone supplier. 
TV Licences  

If you have an individual tenancy agreement, then each individual room will need a TV licence.  If you only have one TV in a communal area, then only one licence is needed.  If you have a joint tenancy agreement then only one TV licence is needed for the whole house.  

FAQ for TV Licences

How to Buy or Renew your TV Licence

If you are moving out more than three months before your licence is due to expire you may be entitled to a refund of a quarter of your licence. For information about this visit TV Licences for students




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