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For all University-owned accommodation issues, please see our Accommodation Services.

For private accommodation, we recommend using Sulets, the lettings agency which is jointly owned and run by our Students' Union and De Montfort University's Students’ Union.

Private Accommodation

Finding Housing

Advice and guidance on housemates, bills, safety and your legal rights as a tenant. Finding a place to live can be daunting. This area breaks the task down to make it manageable

Finding suitable private accommodation

Many students choose to live in private accommodation during their time at Leicester; finding the right place to call "home" can be difficult.

Checking housing contracts

Housing law in the UK can be complex, and for many students the tenancy contract they sign whilst studying with us will be the first tenancy contract they have entered into. Such contracts are not standardised, with many alterations or additions by each individual landlord. For help with understand contracts you can contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau or Shelter. Or you can make an appointment with the University free Legal Clinic

Help resolving disputes with your landlord

It is not uncommon for tenants to have a dispute or disagreement with their landlord. These can be relatively minor, such as not effecting repairs quickly, minor damage to the property or more serious involving threats of legal action.

For help you can visit the Citizen Advice Bureua or Shelter website or the University free Legal Clinic may be able to help

Mediation between housemates

Arguments and fallings-out are not uncommon amongst housemates, and usually contracts will mean that the parties can not always walk away. It is strongly recommended that you talk to your landlord if you have any concerns.

Maintaining good relationships with the local community

With a large student population, the area surrounding the University is home to many transient students. This can be of benefit to the local community as well as present it own unique set of challenges.

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