Overview of Roles

Part Time Officer Roles

As a Part Time Officer it will be your responsibility to work as a team to help ensure that Leicester Students’ Union empowers students to deliver change across the University.  You will seek to identify and provide students with the services they require while campaigning to improve their experience.

There are nine positions in total four Liberation Officer roles and five other Part Time Officer roles. The roles are seen as crucial to the future development of the Union and are designed to allow you to continue with your studies whilst carrying out your role. We would expect that the role would take approximately five to ten hours a week of your time. We are currently electing a Postgraduate Officer and a LGBT+ Officer, these will join the other 7 officers who have already been elected, and they are:-

  • International Officer
  • Distance Learner Officer
  • Mature and Part Time Students’ Officer
  • Sports President
  • Women’s Officer
  • BAME Officer
  • Disabled Students’ Officer

You will be a full member of the Representative Committee and Union Council. Your key responsibility will be to ensure that the group you represent receives the support and services they require. In addition you will, through research, communication and campaigning, improve the overall experience

General Description of Part Time Officer Role:-

  • Be a representative of student views to the University and to external bodies.
  • Support the Union on priority campaigns.
  • Regularly talk and listen to the specific demographics of membership of the Union.
  • Complete the engagement circle by ensuring all activity and outcomes are fed back to the membership of the Union.
  • Promote and abide by the Union’s motto ‘An innovative Union that empowers students to deliver change’.
  • Have an active involvement in the yearly calendar of events of the Union.
  • Work alongside Union staff to ensure a Union that delivers change for the benefit of students and to deliver the Union’s charitable objectives.
  • Maintain and promote Union policies.
  • Remain accountable to Union Council and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Attend regular Representative Committee meetings.
  • Sit on Union Council as a non-voting member and provide a termly report.

Below is a short description of what each of the roles entails:

Postgraduate Officer

  • To represent the interests of all Postgraduate students.
  • To encourage the engagement of all Postgraduate students with the Union.
  • To co-ordinate campaigns for Postgraduate students’ views.
  • To regularly talk and listen to Postgraduate students of the Union.
  • To complete the engagement circle by ensuring all activity and outcomes are fed back to Postgraduate students of the Union.
  • To be responsible for communication of the Executive team to the Postgraduate students of the Union.
  • To maintain and promote Union policies to Postgraduate students.

LGBT+ Officer

  • Be a Liberation Officer of the Students’ Union and represent the needs and opinions of LGBT students to the Executive and to the University where necessary.
  • Be the key point of contact for LGBT students within the Union and provide them with information, advice and referrals where necessary.
  • Co-ordinate with the LGBTQA and attend their events whenever necessary.
  • Scrutinise both the Union’s and University’s Equal Opportunity policies to ensure that they protect the rights of, and promote the involvement of, LGBT students, ensuring that the Equal Opportunity policies are properly implemented at all times.
  • Work with the Executive team in producing materials and resources to inform and educate all students about LGBT students’ issues, particularly those surrounding discrimination; campaign on a local level against discrimination.
  • Work with the NUS LGBT Campaign and other organisations such as trades unions and relevant LGBT organisations.
  • Act as the lead delegate for NUS LGBT Conference and ensure that this Union fully engages in the democratic processes of the NUS LGBT Campaign, for example, submitting motions and sending delegates to conference.
  • Run appropriate campaigns specific to LGBT students.
  • Co-ordinate with the University where applicable, for instance the University’s LGBT network.
  • Hold regular forums, online and/or offline, to gather the opinions of LGBT students.

Union Council Officers

Choice of 3 Zones, 20 positions available within each zone

  • Education
  • Union
  • Community

Quotas are in place with half of the seats within each zone open only to those students who identify as a woman.

As an elected Union Council Officer you will

  • Represent the interest and opinions of students at the University of Leicester both within the University and, where appropriate to the wider community, thus improving the overall student experience.
  • Develop Union policy on issues affecting higher education.
  • Help plan, promote and carry out the Union’s campaigns.
  • Attend training, Annual Members’ Meeting, relevant Zone meetings and Union Council, this roughly equates to one meeting every two weeks.

Union Speaker

  1. Chair all meetings of Union Council, Annual Members’ meeting and Scrutiny Committee according to Standing Orders (rules on how to conduct Union meetings).
    1. Chair the election debates for Executive Officer elections. 
    2. Ensure that debates are conducted fairly in accordance with Standing Orders and, where                appropriate, allow members sufficient opportunity to speak on the topic debated.
    3. Be Impartial in all Union elections.

Scrutiny Committee

6 Positions Available

 The roles are seen as crucial to the operation of the Union and are designed to allow you to continue with your studies whilst carrying out your role. Each officer as well as working together as a team will be responsible for a specific area of the operation of the democratic structures, the specific nature of this would be agreed at the first scrutiny meeting and full training will be given. We would expect that the role would take approximately five to ten hours a week of your time.

 As an elected officer you will

  • Ensure the effective operation of the democratic structures, including elections and referenda. This will include the opportunity to develop skills in a particular area
  • Ensure the democratic process is as accessible and student friendly as possible.       
  • Deal with complaints and disciplinary matters.
  • Be responsible for holding Executive Officers, Part Time Officers and Union Council Officers to account through the operation of Scrutiny Panels.
  • Regularly review and, where necessary, interpret the Union’s Bye Laws.
  • Attend training to enable you to be effective in your role.

NUS Conference Delegate

5 positions

The University of Leicester Students’ Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students. As members of the NUS, we are entitled to send delegates to a number of National Conferences.

NUS National Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of the organisation. It sets policy for the year ahead in each of 5 zones and elects the President, Vice Presidents and Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive Council. It is also where the budget for the year ahead is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We will elect five delegates for this Conference. If you want to nominate yourself, please make sure you are available to go to Brighton 19-21 April 2016. Travel, accommodation and full training will be provided.


  • You are able to run for NUS Conference Delegate in addition to one of the other Union Council Positions.
  • National Conference has a gender-balance requirement. At least half of the Delegates elected in the October election must identify as female. 

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