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Please note that these sessions are the full time indicated e.g If it states 3pm-4pm it will start at 3pm and will finish at 4pm. They will finish no earlier than the time stated. Please only book if you can attend the FULL session. Only workshops with spaces available are shown on this booking form. Additional sessions are added at the start of each term. We are currently in the process of planning the 17/18 Academic Year workshop schedule, and will be adding dates on a regular basis over the semester. We retain the information kept in this form, as per the Data Protection Policy found on our website here:

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For a brief description of each workshop, have a look at the Training section on the Union website.

Being Atticus: Comparisons to Black Lives Matter A comparison of To Kill A Mockingbird with Black Lives Matter & contemporary society. An example of how mass media can be used to illicit emotional responses and aid civil rights movements and a discussion on how we can implement similar methods in our lives.
Confidence Skills Work on own perceptions of confidence & developing it through various techniques
Event Planning Excellent session for committee members to work on their up and coming events of for students who may be delivering an event either in our out of university.
Grant funding workshop Please only register for one of these workshops if you are a member of a current committee.
Hate crime awareness Provides an overview of hate crimes and what they are, focusing on issues related to the student population.
Liberation Thought provoking session that discusses barriers to education and different levels of privilege. Excellent session for course representational student leaders.
Look After Your Mate workshop The ‘Look After Your Mate’ campaign, aims to give more students across the UK the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to support their friends at university.
Mental Health in Sport A Student Minds session that looks at the topic of mental health issues relating to sport.
Presentation skills Focuses on alternatives to PowerPoint and ensuring that presentations are engaging and inclusive.
Public speaking Looks at techniques to help anyone who may be fearful of any form of public speaking. FULLY BOOKED. More dates to follow
Safeguarding Identifies different safeguarding themes and how to signpost issues to the correct services
Student Leader Masterclass A session designed to help all student leaders in their role. Works on leadership techniques such as communication and assertiveness.
Organisation & time management - De stress campaign Coming Soon
Master risk assessment workshop Please only register for one of these workshops if you are a member of a current committee. Coming soon
Your brain & revision - De-stress campaign Coming Soon
BSL - Taster Session Coming Soon
Bystander Intervention (5 Week Course) Coming Soon
Working with Children Coming Soon
Working with young people Coming Soon
If you have any accessibility requirements please check 'yes', and we will email you for further information For example, wheelchair access, adapted resources, large text or paper format visual aids
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