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Please specify if you are one of the following:   This is for HEAR and Accreditation Purposes. If you are involved in more than one of these, then please tick each volunteering position you engage with.
Liberation Recognise that privilege can take many forms, and affect all areas of life. Identify education barriers that may exist for students. Identify and commit to actions that can be taken to break down education barriers.
Presentation Skills Workshop An engaging session that covers the following, to build confidence when presenting, understand the process involved when preparing presentations in a logical and engaging manner. It will explore the importance of balancing engagement and accessibility
Public Speaking Workshop Explores techniques to help anyone who may be fearful of any form of public speaking. This is a fantastic session for any students who are preparing for presentations, interviews or talks. It will focus on breathing techniques, useful hints and tips, debunking myths and provide the opportunity to deliver a public speech.
International Public Speaking This is a session designed for international students to overcome barriers and develop their skills in public speaking. It is delivered by a fellow international student who aims to make the transition into public speaking in another language a lot more smoother.
Look After Your Mate Workshop The ‘Look After Your Mate’ campaign, aims to give more students across the UK the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to support their friends at university.
Keep Yourself Safe Workshop A session that is designed to help you practice techniques in disengagement from would be attackers. This is delivered by an experienced practitioner in this field. We would advice that you wear comfortable clothing for this session.You will be asked to sign disclaimer forms before participating in this session.
Bystander Intervention Awareness Workshop This is an introductory look at the notion of being a bystander to incidents of harassment, violence etc.
Eating Disorders in Sport This session is an introduction to Eating Disorders and the warning signs within sports societies. (Only sign up for this session if you belong to a Sports Society).
Signposting Workshop Understand the services offered by the university, the union and the community, Identifying the problems that students could come to you with and further develop your signposting skills:
Confidence Skills Workshop Through this session you will discuss the factors underlying your confidence, recognise methods to increase confidence and apply these skills in a task.
Campaigning & Manifesto Workshop A Workshop designed for candidates running in the 2019 Executive Officer Elections. This will cover methods and strategies behind campaigning, understanding the student body and how this is brought to life in a manifesto.
Leading Your Union A session designed for students who may be considering running in the forthcoming 2019 executive Officer Elections. This will provide insight into the roles and the Officers position within the Union and University.
How to be an Ally Workshop This session is designed for you to first Acknowledge your own privilege, understanding how different people have different limits of stress and how this relates to being an ally. Finally, Identify and develop awareness of implicit and explicit ally-ship.
Art Therapy In this session you will learn about Art Therapy as a Mental Health process and three different types of art therapy. It will give you the opportunity to explore creative therapy in a guided setting.
Mindfulness This session will give you an introduction to Mindfulness and allow you to appreciate what it can do for you. From this session we hope you will be able to apply Mindfulness techniques in your daily life.
Student Leader Masterclass A session designed to help all student leaders in their role. Works on communication, conflict resolution and chairing a meeting
Introduction to LGBT Inclusivity Introduce the LGBT community and the challenges they face, we aim to create awareness for LGBT+ inclusivity across society.
Coordinating an event Excellent session for committee members to work on their up and coming events for students who may be delivering an event either in our out of university.
Publicity & Marketing for Student Groups A session to help groups get their name out there and ensure students are aware of their existence and how they can engage.
If you have any accessibility requirements please check 'yes', and we will email you for further information For example, wheelchair access, adapted resources, large text or paper format visual aids
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