Union Activities GDPR Data Agreement (17.18 Committee)

What is GDPR and how does it impact you? Essentially, GDPR changes how all companies (including the Students’ Union) hold your data and puts control back in your hands. It will apply from 25th May 2018. But how does Union Activities utilise your information? Union Activities retains your data on spreadsheets held on the University of Leicester’s data systems. We share your data with members of the Students’ Union and members of staff in Room Bookings and Security to enable you to run events across the University. For those external to the university, we only allow them access to your distribution emails (su-[yourgroupname]@le.ac.uk) to ensure your details are not hosted on our website. By ticking 'yes' you are agreeing to let Union Activities retain your data until August 2018. This will include all data that you included in the 2017/2018 CIP Document. Past this point we will only retain your name, student group name and committee position. If you do not wish for Union Activities to retain any further person data, we will only retain your name, committee position and Student Group to allow us to confirm your position for future employment references and contact you only through your distribution email address (su-studentgroupname@le.ac.uk) THE DEADLINE FOR THIS FORM IS 15th MAY 2018.

Are you happy for Union Activities to retain your data until 1st August 2018?  

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