Union Transport Hire Form

Please complete to book transport (taxi, self-driven minibus, coach etc.) through the Students' Union. In order to hire a self-driven vehicle you must be registered with the Students' Union (contact sutransport@le.ac.uk). Please provide as much detail as possible in regards to destinations.

Vehicle Required   Please select which vehicle you require. The following question will ask for further details.

Departure Date  
/ /   :
Return Date   Please indicate the time you will be departing to return to the University of Leicester.
/ /   :
Arrival Date   Please indicate the time you will have arrived back at the University of Leicester.
/ /   :
Payment Method   Grant Funding should only be selected if you have been pre-allocated funds specifically for this transport.

Relevant Documents   Please indicate if you have submitted the required documents to the Union Activities team

We will contact you to confirm or ask for more details regarding your transport request as soon as possible. If you have any amendments or queries, please contact the transport coordinator (sutransport@le.ac.uk).

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