Room Bookings (SU)

Welcome to the Room Bookings (SU) form, this form is designed for one off bookings within the Students' Union. Please be aware rooms can only be booked during the SU opening hours.

Term Time: Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm and Saturday - 10am - 4pm

Non Term Time: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Bookings need to be made with at least 2 weeks notice.

For the duration of the refurbishment, during term time the University have kindly allocated three rooms for our use weekday evenings 6pm - 10pm in the Charles Wilson building.

To help you decide which room is most suitable for your needs please refer to the tables below.

SU Student rooms

The Academy Spaces in Percy Gee (Academy 1 and The Scholar) come with a separate set of conditions for their use.

  • Academy Bookings requiring tech/security/etc need to made with 6 weeks notice of the booking
  • If you require use of their AV/Lighting equipment or stage space you will need to fill in a tech request form, you will be charged for technician services (please email for a copy of this form).
  • If you are booking an event in one of these spaces then further discussion will need to be employed around attendance and the potential need for security or bar staff; please note these services are chargeable.
  • Any event with a predicted attendance of over 100 or open bars will require security staff.
Risk Assessment form   Does your master risk assessment (MRA) cover this regular booking? If no, find the MRA form at, then resend it to Your booking cannot be processed without this from.

External Visitors   Will you be having a external visitor at your event? If yes, find the External Visitor form here: Your booking cannot be processed without this form.

Catering   For all bookings where your group is providing food, (including one off occasions within bulk sets of bookings) you must follow our Food Provision Requirements. Please follow this link and the instructions to ensure all relevant information has been provided to union activities.

Fundraising   As a charity we have guidelines that we need to work within when fundraising for other charities – please see this form for further details and to ensure that your chosen charity complies, then send it to Your booking cannot be processed without this form.

Ticket Sales   Will you be selling tickets to your event? If yes, we encourage that you put your tickets on the Student Union Website. If you need help doing this email

Event Notification If you are hosting an event that you intend to cater, have external visitors or allow public to attend, you need to complete an event notification form found here:
Please be aware all of the above forms (if required) should be completed and approved by Union Activities before you submit your booking request.
Date and start time of Booking  
/ /   :
Type of Attendance   Who is attending your booking?
Room Preference Please to refer to the Bookable Spaces Breakdown at the top of this form to help you decide your preferred space.
Additional Equipment/Services Required? Please be aware equipment is limited to availability. Any damage to equipment is chargeable to the user. If you require more complex tech e.g. use of a PA system, lighting rig or a Technician please fill in and submit a tech request form.

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