Ratified SAS Report

This report confirms that you have completed all areas necessary to remain as an affiliated group with the Students' Union. All questions should be answered 'Yes' to be ratified.

Please complete all sections of the report, putting any links in as evidence where necessary.

Have you submitted all relevant documents to the SU?   This includes: CIP Plan Committee details 2017 - 2018 Commiittee Positions and Job Descriptions Student Group Registration Form Budget Master Risk Assessment or Master Risk Assessment (Team Leicester) Student Group Constitution and Code of Conduct Inventory of Equipment Membership Record Ratified SAS Report

We confirm any elections held this year will be done so democratically   The SU can run an online election for you, or you can run it offline. All members must be given a fair chance to stand, and all members must be given the chance to vote.

We have participated in all mandatory student group training   All Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers must complete the online quiz on Blackboard and achieve the pass mark of 25/30 by 18th September 2017.

I confirm our student group will attend the Student Group Assembly and will attend each term.   One committee member should attend from each group. If apologies were sent, the committee should review the presentation and email sent out afterwards.

I confirm our group will submit event notifications for all upcoming events and any other documents as applicable.   This could include external visitor forms, trip registration forms, food disclaimers and updated risk assessments.

Thank you for completing the Ratified SAS Report. This helps us to confirm that your group are affiliated for the academic year. We will let you know if we require anymore information from you.

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