Union Event Notification Form

Please complete this form if you are intending to hold one-off or regular events as part of a Student Group at least 2 weeks prior to the event. To host events you must have completed a Master Risk Assessment.

Please also submit any other forms that may be relevant to your event, such as:

Trip Registration Form

External Visitor Form

Food Provision Requirements

Food Provision Checklist

Room Bookings Form

Is this a one-off or a regular event?   A regular event is defined as something that occurs more than once in a term. This doesn't include a one-off event that is run over multiple days, e.g. awareness weeks

Please detail the start date and time of your event here:   e.g. 12/12/17 at 7pm (note: if this is a regular event, please detail the date of the first occurrence and give details in the box below)
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Please detail the end date and time of your event here:   e.g. 12/12/16 at 11pm
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Will your event cost more than £500?   This includes catering, venue hire, and other associated fees.

Will food be provided or sold at your event(s)? (Including external caterers or homemade items)   If yes, please ensure the food disclaimer has been submitted to unionactivities@le.ac.uk along with any relevant documentation. If you are eating out at a restaurant, you do not need to supply any further information.

Will an external visitor be at your event(s)? (Including guest speakers and service providers e.g. facepainters)   If yes, please provide the necessary documentation. (see top of form for link to document)

Is this a trip?   A "trip" is defined as an excursion outside of Leicester. If yes, please provide the necessary documentation (see top of form for link to document)

Is this a fundraising event for charity?   If yes, please complete the fundraising questions at the end of this form. Only tick yes if you are raising funds for a charity.

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