Union External Visitor Application Form

If you would like to apply for any external speakers to attend your event, please fill out the External Visitor Application form and submit at least four weeks before your event.

Your external speaker must complete and return the equality policy statement (which we will send to them after running background checks on your visitor) and in some cases they must submit their materials (e.g. powerpoint presentation) before the event can be confirmed.

You will not be able to book a room for your event if the necessary forms have not been completed.

If you have any problems with External Visitor forms, please email unionactivities@le.ac.uk as soon as possible to notify us of this.

Societies who repeatedly submit incorrect, incomplete or late forms with no explanation will receive 3 warnings (strikes) and may be banned from requesting further External Visitors until they've had a meeting with the Union Activities team.

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Has this external visitor been approved for a previous event at Leicester this academic year?   Has this External Visitor previously been approved since September 2017? If no, but has been approved prior to that, please put details under 'Additional Information'


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