Internal Event Bookings (SU)

Please read all below information carefully before completing the form.

Welcome to the Internal Event Bookings (SU) form, this form is designed for one off event bookings within the students union for Student Union recognised Societies and Student Union Staff. It only applies to bookings made in the academy spaces in conjunction with chargeable services such as:

If your event does not need any of the bullet pointed services, then please make your bookings on the Room Bookings (SU) form.

Please be aware spaces can only be booked during the SU opening hours, any bookings that fall outside of these hours require a building supervisor. This service is chargeable at a cost of £10 an hour plus open/closing time.

Term Time: Monday - Friday 9am - 10pm

Saturday - 10am - 4pm

Non Term Time: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Bookings need to be made with at least 6 weeks notice.

To help you decide which venue is most suitable for your needs please refer to the table below.

SU Bookable Spaces Breakdown

Internal Event Bookings (SU)Internal Event Bookings (SU)

Event Types

There are 2 categories of events: Category A and Category B

  • Category A (50 – 100 attendees, no bar): for this category at least 2 of your committee present at the event need to be fire warden trained. Catering and Technician services are chargeable and available upon request.
  • Category B (bar open/over 100 attendees): Any event including bar or an event with over 100 attendees will need security staff which is a chargeable service. Catering, Bar and Technician services are chargeable and available upon request.

Important Information

Academy spaces are heavily requested: therefore the requests should be made at least 6 weeks prior to the event. *The SU Bookings Team will not be liable for any negative situation resulting from late bookings.

  • If you are booking an event in one of these spaces then further discussion will need to be employed with the Lead Event Coordinator around attendance and the potential need for tech, catering, security or bar staff; please note these services are chargeable.
  • An event preparation meeting will be arranged between yourselves and the Operations team at the SU. For these meetings, other members of the committee may be present but it is mandatory that the Lead Events Coordinator is present.
  • If you require use of the AV/Lighting equipment or stage space you will need to fill in a tech request form, you will be charged for technician services.
  • All event bookings require a corresponding Event Notification Form to be approved before the booking can be fully confirmed.


Date of Inquiry   Please enter todays date if you intend to submit the form today.
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Identify your booking's category   Please refer to the important information (above) if you need to.

Catering   Do you wish to have catering for your event? Please find information on catering options and how to book through the UOL catering service here:

Bar   Would you like to have the Academy bar staffed for this event. Please bear in mind this is a chargeable service. We will respond with a quote in due course if this is a service you wish to utilise. Please bear in mind that security is mandatory for any events where the bar is open.

External Visitors   Will you be having a external visitor at your event? If yes, find the External Visitor form at , then send it to Your booking cannot be processed without this form.

Date and start time of Booking   This is the time from which event organisers can get in to set up the venue/prepare for the event
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Preferred end date and time of booking   By this time the space should be completely empty of people and any furniture should be reset.
/ /   :
Type of Attendance   Who is attending your booking?
Venue Preference Please to refer to the Bookable Spaces Breakdown at the top of this form to help you decide your preferred space.

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