Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for Technicians

The CPD Framework, developed by TTAG (Technical Training Advisory Group), is intended to give structure to technicians’ continuing professional development.

The Framework has been developed in the light of the first HEaTED survey to which the majority of technicians at Leicester contributed and it is directly linked to the National Framework Agreement.

The CPD Framework is divided into Core Modules and Specific Job Skills. There are four modules of core training that technicians should attend. However, it may be that some technicians have already received training in these areas elsewhere.

To avoid duplication of training each technician should carry out an initial skills assessment with their line manager and agree their training and development plan. This training and development plan is most likely to be agreed during annual appraisal.


Core Modules

Block 1 - Health and Safety

Block 2 - University Policies and Procedures

Block 3 - Effective Working Skills

  • Go to the Leicester Learning Institute to find details of the particular skill you would like to develop.
  • Block 4 - IT Skills

  • Details of IT Training held at the University
  • Specific Job Skills

    Click on the appropriate links to find details of training and development for specific job skills

    To obtain a copy click here CPD Framework for Technicians 


    CPD - Folder

    It is important to plan and record all the training and development activities which you undertake. If you wish to complete this individual folder either on-line or to print off a hard copy you will have an up to date record of your CPD activities. Details for your Personal Development Plan are most likely to have been agreed at your annual appraisal with your manager.

    ItemCPD Document
    Item 1 CPD Folder Cover sheet
    Item 2 CPD Folder Contents
    Item 3  CPD Reflection on Learning
    Item 4 CPD Plan
    Item 5 CPD Record
    Item 6  CPD Career Planning Reality Check  


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    You can find information about learning and development for specific job skills relevant to your work at the University of Leicester. 


    The Technical Training Advisory Group (TTAG) is a communication channel for technical staff to put forward ideas and views concerning training and personal development.