Remission of Tuition Fees (part-time degree courses)

Remission of part-time tuition fees for University of Leicester degree courses are available on application to Staff and Professional Development, and are restricted to direct employees of the University.

The remission of fees benefit is restricted to those instances where the pursuit of the course is directly relevant to the person's job in the University and where this is recommended by the Head of Department.

The benefit is restricted to the level of the equivalent standard part-time tuition fee and therefore maybe less than the value of the programme of study. There is no remission in respect of residential costs, agency fees, consumables or other real costs incurred by the institution. The amount of the remission is equal to the contract or work, ie: full-time contract = full remission; part-time (50%) contract = half remission.

Remission of fees will not be granted where the member of staff or the department concerned can use external funds for this purpose, and, where it is possible to do so, the University will expect research contracts to incorporate an element to cover anticipated costs of this nature.

Members of staff should provide details fo the course to be undertaken on the appropriate form (see below), which should be passed to their Head of Department for authorisation and to indicate the relevance of that course to the member of staff's current work.

For full details of the Remission of Tuition Fees rules, see the Guidance Notes.

Guidance Notes and Application

How to apply: Download the following guidance information and complete the appropriate application form:-

Application requests to be submitted to Staff and Professional Development to determine whether the University will 'waive fees'.  A request may be rejected if direct relevance cannot be shown to the satisfaction of the authorising officers.  Where a member of staff is studying in another department (not for the department they work for), the providing department will be consulted to confirm the level of remission granted.

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