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Course Overview

This course is for staff who need to update an existing student handbook for the current year.

You will need an original copy of your 2018/19 Student Handbook in Word. If you are unsure, you can send this to the tutor to ascertain if it was produced using the correct template.

If you want to create a new Student Handbook you should contact Quality to check if you need to use the template and then book a Guided IT Learning Session.

“It looks professional and is really easy to use. I'm so pleased that this has been done as it's given an official format to a document which is created by most departments."


Courses for the 2018/19 Student Handbook have now finished.

Dates for the 2019/20 Student Handbook will be available in the Summer of 2020.

What can I expect to cover?

You will learn how to copy your content from other documents into the template consistently, how to use template styles to quickly format your document and how to update the standard text entries provided by the Quality Office using AutoText.

You will see how to update the automatic table of contents and navigate easily through your document.

What will I get out of this course?

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Know why it is important to paste content as plain text
  • Use styles and shortcuts to format headings, bullets and text consistently
  • Update the standard content using AutoText
  • Update your header, footer and Table of Contents
Who is it for?

Staff who are responsible for producing or editing existing student handbooks.

Participant preparation needed?

Log off or shut down your PC before you attend the training, to ensure that the template is stored correctly.

Have a copy of your previous or current student handbook available in Word as there will be an opportunity to practice using your own document.

Additional Information

This course is only available to staff who produce or edit student handbooks.

What prior experience do I need?

You should be familiar with using Word to format text and paragraphs. If you do not have this experience please review the relevant Word Tutorials before attending this course.


Hazel Guyler (IT Services)

Delegate places

Maximum 11 delegates
Minimum 5 delegates

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No reservations can be made at present


About the course content:
Contact ittraining@le.ac.uk

About your student handbook:
Contact quality@le.ac.uk

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Course Code: SDCCT088

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