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Course Overview

This course allows you to take time away from your desk to learn at your own pace. You will use online learning materials and handouts with exercises to improve your knowledge of Excel and find out about the topics that are of interest to you. One or more facilitators will be available throughout the session to answer your questions.

How useful it is to take time to learn because it will save so much time in the long run and improve the quality of my work.”


Available Dates:

  • Wednesday, 11th March 2020 (1:30pm – 4:30pm)
What can I expect to cover?

This workshop begins with an overview of some of the features in Excel you may want to investigate further. You can then choose an area of Excel to study at your own pace.

You will choose one of the following areas depending on your current level:

Formatting (Improvers)
Format numbers and dates, add shading, borders and change cell alignment
Work smarter (Intermediate)
Learn useful features such as how to fit your data onto one page, hide columns or rows, use Conditional Formatting
Charts (Intermediate)
Represent data graphically, define and format chart elements
Formulae and basic functions (Intermediate)
Calculate values, understand how cell references are made, check errors
Functions (Advanced)
Perform more complex calculations: date; text; logical; lookup and statistical

What will I get out of this course?

The course will allow you to develop your skills in Excel in the areas that are of particular interest to you.

You will identify three objectives from the area you have chosen.

Who is it for?

All staff

Participant preparation needed?

As this course is self-directed you will need to identify a skill which you want to develop or a part of Excel which you would like to learn more about.

Please ensure this information is provided on the booking form in advance so that we can ensure that the course takes account of your needs.

Additional Information

We also offer a short course on Analyse your data with Excel Pivot Tables

What prior experience do I need?

You must be familiar with the basics of Excel. If you do not have this experience please complete the following tutorials before you attend:


As you will be working on your own objectives this course is suitable for all levels of experience from a basic knowledge of Excel through to those with more experience.


Carol Kemp (IT Services)

Hazel Guyler (IT Services)

Delegate places

Maximum 11 delegates
Minimum 5 delegates

How to make
your reservation

To make a reservation for your place on this course please complete our Booking Form.


About the course content:

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Course Code: SDCCT040

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