Drugs and Alcohol


Peer pressure and the freedom of living away from home can be a big influence on you taking alcohol or drugs. Student life may appear to revolve around alcohol. Attitudes about alcohol and drugs can vary and students from other countries may notice some differences. Choices about alcohol and drugs should be individual and personal to you. You are entirely free to live according to your own standards and should not feel pressured to adopt those of other students.  Alcohol and drugs have the potential to cause harm both physically, socially and impact on your academic studies.

However you choose to spend your time it is important for you know the facts which can help you make choices. The links on this site can give you information on drugs and alcohol.

Knowing the facts can help you make informed choices which may contribute to your wellbeing and achieving your full potential.

Information about alcoholInformation about drugs


Where to go for confidential help and advice



Leicester Community Projects Trust

www.lcp-trust.org.uk or telephone to speak directly to a member of the team on 0116 222 9522 or 07766465777


Victoria Park Health Centre



Student Counselling



Student Mental Wellbeing



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