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A Food for Sport collaboration initiative on Friday 23rd February, organised by University of Leicester Women’s Football Head Coach, Dan Jackson and coordinated by, Here for U chefs, Ross Hearst and Ben. The event saw ten members of the Women’s Football programme spend time with the Here For U chefs creating recipes designed for improving the players sporting performance.

The event took place in the Charles Wilson, Graduate Lounge Kitchens with the players starting the evening off by identifying key ingredients needed to make recovery smoothies. Throughout the rest of the evening, Ross and Ben worked with the girls to create a number of nutritional dishes which the girls would easily be able to make at home; these included BBQ Jack Fruit Burrito, Cajun Salmon Fillets, Courgette Salad and three Bean Chilli.

At the end of the evening each one of the ten players generously received a bag full of ingredients for them to try the recipes at home, with the intention of giving them an extra edge going into Varsity season.

After a successful evening, Laura Fuge, Media Secretary said “All the recipes in the booklet were made by the chefs for the girls to try, proving that vegetables can be tasty! While creating the dishes the chefs explained the nutritional value behind each ingredient, stressing the importance of eating healthily to maximise our potential sporting success. Overall, it was great to experience a healthy eating class first-hand, where our questions could be answered and a large range of recipes could be tasted. We would like to thank Here For U for organising the event and recommend giving the dishes a try!”

Dan Jackson, Women’s Head Coach said; “A big thanks is owed to the Here For U team for hosting this event and we hope to work with them again in the future”

To download your free copy of the recipe book here:

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