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Bounce away stress with the University's Trampoline Club!

Trampoline Club

‘Bouncing away uni stress every week with your new best friends!’

Club Captain Róisín McCarthy tells us why you should take flight with the Trampoline Club

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Admit it, as a child we all wanted to be able to fly like Superman or Wonder Woman. Well now you can! Ok maybe not exactly fly but it’s the next best thing, bouncing away with our Trampoline Club. Our University Trampoline Club gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new and exciting all whilst keeping fit. Even if the closest you have ever come to trampolining is bouncing on the bed as a child the clubs coaching caters to all abilities. With a wide variety of skills to learn you could soon be impressing your friends with flips and spins.

The club competes against other universities all over the UK, as well as taking part in the annual BUCS competition allowing you to represent your university at a huge event, not to mention Varsity against DMU in which our trampoliners came out winners last year. Our bouncing buddies even offer a tour to Ireland so you can get some time away with your new friends. The club also has a very active social scene, with regular social nights in crazy costumes you’re sure to be the envy of the Let’s Disko regulars.

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We bounced some questions over to Club Captain Róisín McCarthy who gave us the answers that sprung to mind.

Who are you?

My name is Róisín and I'm the club captain of Leicester Trampoline Club

How has university sport improved your university experience as a whole?

Whenever anyone asks me about how university is, one of the first things I can respond with is how much I love being involved with the sports we have to offer. Choosing the degree was obviously the first reason I came to Leicester, but being able to meet so many wonderful friends through Team Leicester and getting so involved with the running of our own clubs is definitely the most rewarding memory I'll have of my time at university.

What is your favourite memory from your time being part of Team Leicester?

I also ride for the university equestrian team (there's too much to choose from in Leicester sports!) and getting to be part of the BUCS team in Trampolining and Equestrian was a really great memory from my first year- it helped me to feel way more involved and excited to be at university and away from home.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of joining Team Leicester?

I'd really hope that there is at least one sport in Team Leicester for everyone to try out and enjoy. There's such great variety and every single club is run by a really welcoming and lovely group of people. Sport can become a really wonderful part of your university life with how social and enjoyable all the clubs can be, and competing for your uni team is a massively rewarding and entertaining activity throughout the year.

In one sentence why should someone join your club?

You will meet a Rio 2016 SILVER MEDALIST at trampoline competitions as well as bouncing away uni stress every week with your new best friends!

If you want to give our Trampoline Club a go make sure to find them during Fresher’s Fair 2016 in Queen’s Hall, located in the Percy Gee Building. Alternatively get in contact with them through their Facebook page ‘University of Leicester Trampoline Club’.

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