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Master the waves with the University's Surf Club!

Surf Club

‘It’s always nice to get out of the city and get some fresh sea air’

Club Captain Clara Freeman-Cole tells us about life as a landlocked surfer

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With the closest beach to Leicester being located a lengthy two hour journey away you may not expect to find much in the way of sea sport at the University, you would be mistaken. The minor blip of being severely landlocked did not stop our wetsuit wearing crusaders from creating a thriving Surf Club. Whether you’ve never seen the sea before or were shredding the waves since you could stand the club prides itself on being open to all abilities. Offering professional surf lessons, peer coaching, and providing all equipment you will simply need a towel and a swim suit and you’ll soon be soaking up the sun and sea sights (sun not guaranteed) with your new friends.

The club offers regular trips within the UK, as well as trips abroad with Morocco and Portugal being destinations in recent years. Our surfers also compete in the annual BUCS surf competition and even run a competition battling it out with other landlocked universities such as Birmingham and Leeds. They are also famous as one of the University’s most active social clubs, known to be seen roaming the streets of Leicester in outrageous outfits all year round.

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We caught some waves with Club Captain Clara Freeman-Cole to get some information on our board baring friends.

Who are you?

I am Clara Freeman-Cole and I run the Surf Club

How has university sport improved your university experience as a whole?

I feel like I'm part of a big family, particularly with trips to the coast and the general hilarity that comes with these! Surf club has helped me keep fit in a variety of ways, not only with surfing but there are weekly circuits sessions, and I have been introduced to yoga and skateboarding too. Since the trips are every month it's always also nice to get out of the city and to get some fresh sea air.

What is your favourite memory from your time being a part of Team Leicester?

Events such as the BUCS surf competition and our trip to Morocco have been particular highlights, as we've been able to get to know people from other university surf clubs! We now do joint trip socials and accommodation with Birmingham University Surf Club from this, so it's good to hang out with other likeminded landlocked surfers.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of joining Team Leicester?

Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a sporty person, it's definitely worth getting involved with a Team Leicester club as most cater to members of all levels, so why not try something new? If nothing else, you'll find a great group of people to go on socials with, and hopefully a new way of keeping fit!

In one sentence why should someone join your club?

It's one of the funniest, maddest and most welcoming sports, and we probably have the highest Cornish pasty consumption over any other club!

If you want to give our Surf Club a try be sure to find them at Fresher’s Fair 2016 in Queen’s Hall, located in the Percy Gee Building. Alternatively get in contact with them via their Twitter ‘@UoLSurfClub’.

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