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Become the new Karate Kid with the University's Karate Club!

Karate Club  

‘Your course is important but there is more to life than that.’

Club Captain Joel Reader took some time away from the Dojo to tell us about Karate Club.

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Remember when you used to watch Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on the big screen as a kid, amazed by their mastery of martial arts, why not try it for yourself? Ok, perhaps you won’t be fighting off a horde of ninja attackers but with the University of Leicester Karate Club you’ll learn and develop in one of the world’s most recognised martial arts. Karate offers a fantastic unorthodox way for you to keep fit whilst also learning the all-important skill of self-defence. The Karate Club pride themselves on being open to all abilities, so if you have only seen a few Sunday afternoon martial arts films there is no need for concern. With an active social scene, the club also ensures you’ll have plenty of new friends to kick-start your university life.

The club take part in competitive sessions throughout the year, including the prestigious annual BUCS championships. Our Karate Club is lucky enough to have the expertise of 8th Dan, Richard Jackson, who is sure to be able to help all abilities reach their full potential. The progression of the club has already been seen with the accumulation of two bronze medals in BUCS in the last four years, most recently at the 2016 kumite tournament. With the sport recently added into the Olympics for Tokyo 2020 this is the perfect time to jump into a session and potentially become Team GB’s (and more importantly Team Leicester’s) new champion.

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We sparred with Club Captain Joel Reader and our very own Karate Kid answered some of our questions.

Who are you and what club do you run?

I am Joel Reader, and I am part of the committee which runs the University of Leicester Karate club.

How has university sport improved your university experience as a whole?

Sport at the university has had a massive impact on my experience at Leicester, it has kept me in shape and provides a regular break from the rigours of student life. Taking a few hours a week to train helps me to stay focused and motivated for my coursework and keep a level head when deadlines are approaching. 

What is your favourite memory from your time being a part of Team Leicester?

My favourite memory has to be of the Christmas meal. You train with these people week in week out, so it's nice to relax and meet in a social setting before we go back to trying to flatten each other. It's an annual event at our club and an important part of the social calendar, a chance to see a different side to the people you have been working with for the past few months.

What would you say to someone who is unsure of joining Team Leicester?

To someone who is on the fence about joining Team Leicester, I say, what have you got to lose? You're at university, your course is important but there is more to life than that. Try everything, even if it’s only once. Newcomers are always welcome to every sport, and it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass you by.

In one sentence why should someone join your club?

Karate is about self-improvement, if you are interested in learning martial arts or bettering yourself, then we can help you do that.

If you’re interested in joining the Karate Club make sure to find them in Queens Hall at Freshers Fair 2016, located in the Percy Gee Building. Alternatively get in contact via their Facebook Page ‘Leicester University Karate Club’.

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