National survey reveals Leicester students are sport mad!

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Has this UK wide survey discovered the reason behind the growth of sport at Leicester?

Rugby crowd varsity Back in December of 2016 we revealed the possible secret behind the success of the Men’s Rugby Union 1st XV. Thanks to survey findings from the Natwest Student Living Index we were able to discover that Leicester students ranked 3rd in the country for the most amount of time spent playing rugby. This dedication clearly paid off for both the Men’s and Women’s Rugby Union clubs, both of whom enjoyed fruitful seasons and a whitewash of Varsity wins.

This year the 2017 Student Living Index has potentially uncovered the reason behind the success of Team Leicester in the 2016/17 season. The survey, which aims to collate all information about student spending in the UK, has found that students in Leicester on average spend 12.6 hours playing sport or going to the gym per month, 1.7 hours about the UK average. This extra time spent developing skills and keeping fit could have been a vital factor in Team Leicester’s momentous growth over the last academic year. With over 2000 students active within the Team Leicester environment, and breaking into the BUCS top 40 following a monumental rise from 46th to 39th, the programme enjoyed its most successful year to date. The survey also found that even when they are not playing sports Leicester students are enjoying them, dedicating on average 4.4 hours each month to watching sport. Perhaps our students were learning from the success of other athletes and took that into their own matches.

However, away from competitive sport through Team Leicester we have also seen more students reaping the benefits of an active lifestyle in our other more casual sports programmes. Let’s Do Leicester has seen over 800 unique participants, with over 3100 attending the nearly 700 sessions delivered this year. Our Intramural programme has also been extremely active this year, with over 40 teams and 800 plus students involved in the various leagues and competitions throughout the year. With the vast array of activity on offer at the University it is clear to see why our students dedicate more of their time playing sport than at other UK institutions!

Joining the University in 2017? Or already a student at Leicester and looking to get more active? Find out all about our sports offer by exploring our website!

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