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Potential future England player Jade Shakespeare gives us her review on her first year as a Leicester Sports Scholar!

‘I could get additional help at the gym with the programme I was given by my S&C Coach, as well as the sports massages which help recover from my longer and more physically intense camps.’

Name: Jade ShakespeareJade Shakespeare - Sports Scholar

Studying: Geology

Sport: Rugby Union

Scholarship: Gold

Playing for the University is really helping me to develop in my sport as it is allowing me to play weekly and be committed to multiple training sessions. During training, I have been able to help other players and coach them with my previous knowledge. This season I have played in my position numerous times and have helped to contribute to many wins for Leicester, which led to me being awarded Coach’s Player of the Season and my selection for the starting varsity side. We successfully won varsity 17-5 and I was lucky enough to be awarded Player of the Match.

This year I have also been involved with the Leicestershire women’s county team. I played every game of the season and was awarded with the first Leicestershire women’s rugby union cap. We were successful in winning the Gill Burns division 2 county championship final going unbeaten all season. I was presented with forward of the match in one of the games and player of the match in the final game against Essex.
This scholarship has also allowed me to play for Lichfield RFC which means I was able to play at a higher standard and more frequently. Early in the season, when playing for Lichfield, I suffered an ankle injury but because of the great support and work from the staff at the gym and the programme that was created for me, I had a fast rehabilitation and was back to playing within 6 weeks. This is another way the scholarship has help me with my sport as the gym membership allowed me to keep fit all year, work on key muscle development, and help with return from injury.

I also found the sessions with Danielle Brown very helpful as she helped me learn how to set visual goals and how to mentally prepare for bigger, important games. She was also useful in helping me deal with my frustration with injury and what sort of non-physical work I could be doing whist in rehab and not playing.
Since January this year I got a call up to the England U20s team and have been involved with training and matches against the army and France with away camps throughout the last few months. This involvement and my performance saw me selected for the U20s trials again this year. The scholarship helps me with my work with the 20s as I could get additional help at the gym with the programme I was given by my S&C Coach, as well as the sports massages which help recover from my longer and more physically intense camps.

The scholarship has help me financially a lot, from the sports club and gym membership to the additional five hundred pounds. Without this financial help, I wouldn’t have been able to commit to as many training session and games, also I believe that without this scholarship it would have been much harder for me to arrange the time off from university work to attend my camps.

Think you have what it take to become one of the University's elite sports scholars? Find out more about the programme here. All applications must be submitted by 5pm 29th August 2017.


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