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The full list of winners for Club Colours and Maroon awards for this year's Sports Awards ceremony!

On Wednesday 10th May over 900 University staff and students will be coming together for the annual University of Leicester Sports Awards ceremony. The 2016/17 academic year has been an incredible one for sport at the University and this special night is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our staff and students.

Along with the coveted group and individual awards to be won on the night we also have Club Colour awards to recognise a larger number of students who have gone above and beyond the requirements of their normal remits. Individual Half and Full Maroon awards, and Team Half and Full Maroon awards are available to our sports students who have excelled in their sport on a regional or national level. Full details of criteria for these awards can be found in the Annual awards Application form. Congratulations to all those who have been selected for this year’s awards below:

Club Colours

Sam Ogundayo - American Football
Joseph Pringle - American Football
Callum Phillips - American Football
Joseph Robert McDougall - American Football
Benjamin Wright - Boat
Laura Stops - Boat
Adam Thomas - Boat
Jack Stokes - Cricket
Sam Pounds - Cricket
Jemma Belliveau - Cricket
Max Hurst - Cricket
Niall Cannavan - Dodgeball
Lewis Evans - Dodgeball
Josh Prestage - Dodgeball
Timothy Westby - Dodgeball
Eleanor Pilkington - Equestrian & Polo
Roisin McCarthy - Equestrian & Polo
Natasha McDermott - Equestrian & Polo
Benjamin Shepherd - Fencing
Timothy Devenport - Fencing
Oliver Gnandi - Men's Football
Sam Hogg - Men's Football
Jonathon Lummis - Men's Football
Catherine Berry - Women's Football
Louisa Davis - Women's Football
Shauna Cossens - Women's Football
Laura Fuge - Women's Football
Olivia Ash - Women's Football
Hannah Watts - Women's Football
Alex Chapman - Futsal
Daniel Smart - Men's Hockey
Matt Aikens - Men's Hockey
Matt Jackson - Men's Hockey
Joshua Pibworth - Men's Hockey
Brandon Troak - Men's Hockey
Richard Taylor - Mixed Hockey
Elizabeth Sargent - Mixed Hockey
Imogen Long - Women's Hockey
Sarah Brook - Women's Hockey
Rebecca Leventhal - Women's Hockey
Ellen Donaldson - Women's Hockey
Emily Castells - Jiu Jitsu
Sam Kneeshaw - Kayak
Jessica Hughes - Lacrosse
Daniel Pritchard - Lacrosse
Will Currie - Lacrosse
George Bascom - Lacrosse
Josephine Moxham - Lacrosse
Kelly Griffiths - Lacrosse
Maevane Degras-Lion - Lacrosse
Emily Bird - Lacrosse
Sarah Scott - Lacrosse
Estelle Irving - Lacrosse
Stefan Peplinski - Lacrosse
Alister Sutherland - Mountaineering
Natalie Bennet - Mountaineering
Kyle Ackroyd - Mountaineering
Lauren McKay - Netball
Libby Illingworth - Netball
Mads Edwards - Netball
Honor Hodgson - Netball
Dior-Jade Lewis - Netball
Christian Mansfield - Rugby League
Sam Cranswick - Men's Rugby Union
George Tunnacliffe - Men's Rugby Union
Giles Saar - Men's Rugby Union
Mike Edworthy - Men's Rugby Union
Ben Hamer - Men's Rugby Union
Dan Taylor - Men's Rugby Union
Linden Dixon - Men's Rugby Union
Cate Ashley - Women's Rugby Union
Cara Wells - Women's Rugby Union
Emily Hughes - Women's Rugby Union
Kyle Nicholls - Running & Athletics
Abie Hearmon - Running & Athletics
Katie Doull - Running & Athletics
Laura Jones - Running & Athletics
Gina Popal - Swimming & Waterpolo
Eve Burns-Thomas - Swimming & Waterpolo
Thomas Benson - Swimming & Waterpolo
Craig Batt - Swimming & Waterpolo
Chris Wilkinson - Swimming & Waterpolo
Grace Rake - Swimming & Waterpolo
Cameron Connolly - Swimming & Waterpolo
Isabel Rodgers - Swimming & Waterpolo
Robert Nowell - Surf
Joshua Butler - Surf
Viraj Bhawasar - Tennis
James Owen - Tennis
Lucy Bleazard - Trampolining
Roisin McCarthy - Trampolining

Team Half Maroon

Nicholas Harry - American Football
Callum Phillips - American Football
Joseph Pringle - American Football
Samuel Ogundayo - American Football
Joseph McDougall - American Football
Ollie Smith - American Football
Joe Loftus - American Football
Matthew Daltery - American Football
Ilja Fjodrov - American Football
Conor D'Andrade - American Football
Kay Green - American Football
Tristan Woolcock - American Football
Damola Salami - American Football
Matt Tunnacliff - American Football
Imogen Barber - Dodgeball
Gintare Duakintyre - Dodgeball
Grace Martin - Dodgeball
Faiza Hussain - Dodgeball
Natalie Adams - Dodgeball
Aradyhia Viyay - Dodgeball
Daniella Ashworth - Dodgeball
Lewis Evans - Dodgeball
Niall Canavan - Dodgeball
Steven Quarrell - Dodgbeball
Samuel Laverty - Dodgeball
William Shieu - Dodgeball
James Philips - Dodgeball
Lawrence Collins - Dodgeball
Dilan Patel - Dodgeball
Josh Prestage - Dodgeball
Timothy Westby - Dodgeball
George Bascom - Lacrosse
William Currie - Lacrosse
James Mckenzie - Lacrosse
Stefan Peplinski - Lacrosse
Ross Hemings - Lacrosse
Angus Hope - Lacrosse
Charlie Joyce - Lacrosse
Kieran Hewitt - Lacrosse
Edward Rowbottom - Lacrosse
Charlie Kruckzo - Lacrosse
Edward Downes - Lacrosse
Elliot Cameron - Lacrosse
Frederic Larsson - Lacrosse
James Pearson - Lacrosse
Cameron Blackmore - Lacrosse
Shane Perera - Lacrosse
Alex Lowth - Lacrosse
Theo Keuhn - Lacrosse
Laura Burr - Squash
Melanie Ebling - Squash
Stephanie Gregoriadou - Squash
Leanne Herbert - Squash

Team Full Maroon

Josh Finch - Men's Rugby Union
Zack Roberts - Men's Rugby Union
Giles Saar - Men's Rugby Union
Linden Dixon - Men's Rugby Union
Elliot Coleman - Men's Rugby Union
Bradley Ugodulunwa - Men's Rugby Union
Sam Cranswick - Men's Rugby Union
Dan Taylor - Men's Rugby Union
Stephen Oputa - Men's Rugby Union
Simon Meades - Men's Rugby Union
Luke Cerely - Men's Rugby Union
Seun Coker - Men's Rugby Union
Chris Brace - Men's Rugby Union
Mike Edworthy - Men's Rugby Union
Owain Lord - Men's Rugby Union
Will Leach - Men's Rugby Union
James Wise - Men's Rugby Union
Jon Amadi - Men's Rugby Union
Brandon Johnson - Men's Rugby Union
George Tunnacliffe - Men's Rugby Union
Declan Nwachukwu - Men's Rugby Union
Alex Murray - Men's Rugby Union

Individual Half Maroon

Tolu Oyewusi - Basketball
Hannah Walker - Boat
Alice Bloomer - Boat
Alex Lloyd - Fencing
Timothy Devenport - Fencing
Yan Li - Jiu Jitsu
Mbise Takobana - Karate
George Bascom - Lacrosse
Charlie Joyce - Lacrosse
Stefan Peplinski - Lacrosse
Munashe Fumhanda - Rugby League
Stephen Headley - Running & Athletics
Abigail Mclindon - Women's Hockey

Individual Full Maroon

Imogen Barber - Dodgeball
Emily Castells - Jiu Jitsu
Joseph Bartholomew - Jiu Jitsu
Jemima Onime - Jiu Jitsu
Beth Cavill - Jiu Jitsu
James Page - Jiu Jitsu
Ryan Hunt - Kayak
Frederic Larsson - Lacrosse
Andes Ling To Yu - Squash
Kathryn White - Ultimate Frisbee
Giulia Newberry - Ultimate Frisbee

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