Men's Rugby Union's visit to Sandhurst Military Academy

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Men's Rugby Union President Josh Finch gives his report on the club's recent visit to Sandhurst Military Academy for a friendly match and careers talk

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'One of the things we have sought to improve on this year as a club, has been our external relationships with businesses and institutions. We have worked hard to establish agreements and relationships that provide a mutual benefit to club members and these institutions, from a personal, recreational but also professional, careers-oriented point of view. This can be seen in our work with our new main sponsors, Sytner, and also our varied charity fundraisers to date.

On this note therefore, when ex-Club Captain, Tom Jeffries, approached me a few months ago regarding the opportunity to spend a day at the Sandhurst officer training academy, the club became immediately interested. Through the professional conduct of the squad who travelled and spent the day alongside officer cadets, and the rewarding information and incite we likewise received from the Sandhurst staff, it looks extremely likely that an annual visit may form, with both parties eager to build on this foundation.

ULRFC took a squad which included members of both the 1st and 2nd teams, in order to provide opportunities outside of regular BUCS competition for all players to experience something different to university rugby on a Wednesday afternoon. It also provided the players a good opportunity to get some game time under their belts, before diving back into competitive fixtures.

We were greeted at the Academy by Officer Cadet Jeffries and Captain Couchman, who provided the squad with an informative talk on all things Sandhurst. I’m sure this was useful to club members as it shed light on a career path that perhaps many had not considered, and indeed demonstrated to us all the benefits of such a career choice. Following this, O/C Jeffries took us around the academy on a brief tour, before arriving at the rugby pitches to play the match.

Rugby v Sandhurst gameplay

The game itself was an enjoyable one, with a friendly atmosphere that allowed freedom to play expansive rugby and enjoy the experience. Although a score-line well in our favour, the Sandhurst team continued to ask questions of us, with a fast-paced style which was different to what we may normally play against. The match was certainly enjoyed by all, and gave us an idea of where our strengths and weaknesses lie going back into BUCS. Final score: ULRFC 59 – 17 Sandhurst. 

We ended the day with a meal and drinks in the pavilion, alongside the officer cadets, as is a valuable custom in rugby. Again this was a chance to understand more about their lives at Sandhurst and to gauge whether it was a viable career path for us. Tom Jeffries and his colleagues were fantastic hosts to an extraordinary day, which ULRFC will hopefully continue to benefit from in several ways, for the years to come.'

Josh Finch
ULRFC Club President

Rugby v Sandhurst final score

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