Goodwill Cricket Tournament 2016.

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Indian Based Touring Team Thrilled to Play Cricket at Stoughton Road Playing Fields

The University of Leicester Stoughton Road Playing Fields host The Goodwill Cricket Tournament 2016.

In association with City Cricket Academy (CCA), based in Freemans Common, Leicester, The Goodwill Cricket Tournament 2016 was held at Stoughton Road playing fields in Oadby over the course of three days.

The event allowed for a team of selected talented school cricketers to take on St Xavier's Collegiate School, a prestigious touring team from Kolkata, India that showcased exceptional talent and phenomenal team spirit.

Director of the CCA, Don Bhagawati, recognised that the “touring team which participated in the event were thrilled to play at the Stoughton Road ground,”

Bhagawati went on to further say that “the ground staff prepared good pitches for some great cricket. We look forward to hosting more cricket at the venue’’.

After the success of this year’s Goodwill Cricket Tournament, the University of Leicester look forward to accommodating the CCA in the future and hosting further events, such as the tenth annual Colour Clothing tournament which will take place at Stoughton Roads for the first time in August.

For a more detailed account of all the action from the three-day event visit:

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