Sports Scholar Kieran Slater takes part in European Games in Baku

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A personal account of a recent experience from our University of Leicester Sports Scholar Kieran Slater, a Physics student who reached the quarterfinals of the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan

“We flew out to Baku a day ahead of the opening ceremony; where we were able to train through before the Games began. The opening ceremony was such an amazing experience being able to walk out in front of so many people cheering for you. Kieran Slater - Baku

The next day we got to shoot on the competition field where all the matches were going to be held on live on TV and in front of packed crowd, this gave a useful experience of what the competition field was going to be like. After this we had the qualification round which went fairly well, I struggled slightly in the first half but got going in the second and the score was much better. This ranked me 43rd out of all the men.

After this we had a couple of days wait while the team rounds went on (we had failed to qualify a men’s team), so after 3 days I was ready to go in my match. My first match went really well I won the first 3 sets and hence the match, so I went through to the next match. The next match was another day wait, this was against a Turkish athlete who I have competed against before, this match I also won 6-0 however the set scores were much closer. That afternoon I had my next match against Phelion from France in which was a closer match, I won the first set, then tied the second, next he won 2 more sets and I won the last, so we had tied 5-5 and had to have a shoot off, one arrow closest to the middle. He shot first and got a 9 then I followed up with an 8 so he won the match. However I was still really happy with how I had shot and the whole experience has been invaluable.

I really enjoyed being part of a bigger team and the whole experience of it all!”

If you would like to read more about Kieran’s experience then please take a look at his Wordpress Blog available here:


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