Social Netball Team at Copper Box Arena

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Social Netball team compete at SHOTS tournament at the Copper Box arena.
Social Netball Team at Copper Box Arena

University of Leicester Social Netball Team

The Social netball team for the University of Leicester were able to round off their first season together at the England Netball SHOTS tournament at the Copper Box arena in the Olympic Park on Wednesday 2nd March. The tournament which celebrated the inclusive nature of the sport and the opportunities to play netball at university saw 25 university's compete to be crowned the national winners.

The social netball team captained by Claire Jackson started the day with a warm up led by England netballer Lyndsay Keable before their games against Chichester, Surrey, Essex, York, Gloucester and Warwick. Keable later spoke to the Social team after their games commending their professionalism and skill.

A remarkable defensive performance from Charlotte Wilson, supported by newcomer Georgia Dornin, at GD and GK respectively, saw the social team only narrowly miss out on a place in the quarter finals.

In between matches the girls were able to explore the Olympic park, speak to staff from England Netball about opportunities to further get involved in the sport and participate in fundraising activities for cancer research.

The tournament, which was won by Loughborough, marked the end of a great year for England Netball's initiative of introducing University Netball Officers across the country to provide ways to play netball socially. So far at University of Leicester, the introduction of Social Netball sessions has seen 67 girls partake in netball.

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