Terms and Conditions

Sports Scholarship Agreement

As a Sports Scholar of the University yoEmily Hughes Sports Scholar 2016/17u must agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

Failure to abide by the following Terms and Conditions may result in your Scholarship being revoked with immediate effect.

Provisions of the Scholarship Programme

  1. The opportunity, if requested, to extend the degree programme by up to one year, or to take leave of absence from academic studies for up to one year in order to pursue full time training and competition during that period. Both of these options are subject to agreement by the Head of Sport any by the Sports Scholarship Panel.
  2. The award of a specified annual sum to cover approved expenditure for travel, equipment, competition fees, subsistence, coaching and training expenses.

Conditions of the Scholarship

  • Awards are for one year. All scholars will be required to resubmit an application should they wish to continue on the programmes for the following year.
  • You may only hold one of the following: Tier 1, 2 and 3 Sports Scholarship at one time.
  • Individual athletes are expected to participate fully in the activities of the appropriate University club, and to represent the University in inter-university competitions and championships (BUCS). Participants in the programme are required to compete as a representative of the University unless otherwise authorised by the Head of Sport.
  • You must endeavour to attend training sessions at the University in your chosen sport.
  • You must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University of Leicester.
  • Athletes are required to attend all workshops, meetings, appearances and events unless otherwise authorised by the Head of Sport.
  • You must co-operate fully with the University in terms of publicising the Scholarships for Sport, e.g. by attending relevant events and by providing information for publicity purposes.
  • All students within the scholarship programme must display a high standard of sporting and personal conduct compatible with the interested of sport and the good name of the University of Leicester.
  • Athletes are expected to actively promote the University and the Scholarship Programme whilst at competitions.

You must provide a detailed Annual Report to the Scholarships Panel covering the following topics:

  • Your participation in the sporting life of the University;
  • Your development as a sportsperson: how has your Scholarship for Sport helped you to develop as a sportsperson?
  • Your use of your Scholarship for Sport: has it helped you meet the financial demands of participating in your sport?

Unsatisfactory Progress

In the event of the failure to comply with any of the above conditions of the scholarship programme, a scholarship may be;

  1. Suspended for specified period, or
  2. Terminated

If a scholarship is terminated on any grounds, the scholarship recipient will be required to return any advanced payments of the Sports Scholarship Programme.

Applications for 2018/19 have now opened.

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