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Let's Do Leicester is an exciting way for University of Leicester students to keep active without the necessity of having a gym membership or being part of a university sports team.

The project focuses on providing students with the opportunity to participate in low-cost, non-competitive recreational sport. Each session is dedicated to a specific sport and students are encouraged to participate at their own pace. The sessions take place throughout the week and weekend and are held on campus and in the university halls of residence both in the city and in Oadby.

A range of activities are available such as dodgeball, swimming, badminton, Yoga and Zumba but there are also many more. All sessions are now FREE!

Please see the Let's Do Leicester Schedule for Term 2.

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All sessions are facilitated by student activators (in red tops) who make sure the venue is set up appropriately. They are there to ensure students get the most out of the session and are always there in case they have any questions.

Whilst some sessions are student-led, there are a number of professional instructors who lead the Yoga, Zumba and Pilates classes. Some sessions also have the guidance of Team Leicester club members who can guide participants and organise games and drills.

There is no specific clothing you need to wear. Just make sure you can move freely.

There is no need to book - all sessions are drop in. Just turn up and join in.

This is what some participants have said about Let Do Leicester:

‘Let’s Do Leicester means I don’t have to hang round not having anything to do on campus between lectures.’

‘It’s de-stress. It’s a way of forgetting about your deadlines and taking yourself out of the library for half an hour.’

‘It gets you out of bed. It gets you active and you meet so many new people through it.’

‘Sometimes you’re in bed and you’re like ‘oh I really can’t be bothered to get up’… then actually once you’re at the session, it’s really worth it and that makes you want to go again.’

For more information on the project and for how to get involved please contact Lewis Jones - Sport Experience Officer (Participation)

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