Returning to campus-based studies after a period of remote study

Due to the coronavirus many students have spent the previous year studying remotely in their home country. Students who began their studies remotely last year and did not apply for a visa will have to obtain a Student visa before travelling to the UK to resume studies. The information below outlines the steps in obtaining that visa for travel.

1. Request a CAS from Student Immigration Advice and Compliance

To request a CAS number please complete the forms below and return them to with your documents. Your CAS should be issued within 10 days of us receiving the correct documentation and possibly sooner.

2. Prepare your documents

Whilst your CAS is being prepared you should prepare the documents you must submit with your visa application and start your online visa application. You cannot complete the application without your CAS number. You should pay particular attention to your financial documents as this is the most common reason for refusal. You will also need to have enough funds to pay the application fee and the relevant Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS).

3. Check your DUMMY CAS

Before issuing you with your CAS number we will ask you to check and confirm your CAS details are correct. Please pay particular attention to your personal details and course details making sure the correct course is reflected on your CAS with the correct end date. If you have requested to change your programme of study you must let us know when you request the CAS and confirm the course is correct. Once you have confirmed the details are correct we will release your CAS number within 48 hours.

4. Submit your Student visa application

Once you have your CAS number you can lodge your application online paying the relevant fee of £348GBP (local currency equivalent) and the IHS charges which are rounded up in 6 month periods and are currently £470 per person per annum (£235GBP for periods of up to 6 months). During your application you can request to collect your visa form the university rather than a Post Office by using the Alternative Collection Code of 2HE539.

5. Receive your visa and book your travel

Once you have received your visa you should book your travel to the UK. We advise that students do not book travel until you have your visa as there can sometimes be unexpected delays which are out of your control. Before travelling to the UK you must read the current UK travel restrictions making sure you understand them and are able to comply with them. You should aim to arrive in the UK and complete your quarantine before your course begins so you can start class on day one.

5. Travel to the UK and register on your course

Once you arrive in the UK there are different quarantine rules depending on where you are travelling from and some students are required to book and stay in government approved hotels for a period which incurs significant costs. Students travelling in from amber countries are permitted to quarantine in University accommodation.

To register you will have to attend a visa checkpoint as we have not seen your visa. Once you have arrived in the UK you will be able to book an appointment to attend a visa checkpoint where you will complete registration and collect your Student/ID Card.

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