UKVI Appointments

From 25 March 2019, it is no longer possible to submit evidence by post or in person at a UKVI Premium Enquiry Office.

All applicants seeking leave to remain (extending your visa) in the UK or to settle permanently are required to book and pay for an appointment at a UKVCAS Centre, as part of their visa application. The cost for attending the appointment, varies according to the centre you choose, this will be approximately £60+.

The purpose of this appointment, is to allow you to:

  • Present your supporting evidence (such as passport and bank statements) in person, without the need to post them to UKVI.
  • Enrol your biometric information (a digital scan of your finger prints and your face)

You will have the option to scan and upload your documents to UKVI, prior to attending your appointment, otherwise you will be charged for this service. There are also a range of enhanced services which can be selected, which will cost you more.

When attending your appointment, you must take all your supporting evidence, including the application checklist (which you will receive at the time you submit your application online) and confirmation of your appointment, which will be emailed to you.  Please note, that although your supporting documents are scanned and returned to you at the appointment, you must not travel outside of the UK.

The closest UKVCAS centres for University Of Leicester students are in Nottingham, Coventry or Birmingham.

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