Inviting your Family for Visits/Graduation

How to invite your family to visit you or attend your graduation ceremony

Your family and friends should check the Home Office website to confirm if they need to apply for a visa to enter the UK.

What documents will they need

To assist your family and friends visa application you should send the following:

  1. A copy of your visa or BRP card
  2. A Certificate of Registration. This would be a letter from the Student Services Centre confirming that you are a registered student
  3. Your tenancy agreement
  4. A letter of consent from your landlord which gives permission for your guests to stay, and that it is adequate accommodation (If your family members intend to stay with you in private accommodation)
  5. If you are financing their visit, you should provide copies of your last 3 months bank statements
  6. A letter of invitation (PDF) (This letter can be used for graduation and general visits, please amend the contents of the letter accordingly)

If you need further advice and guidance please make an appointment to see an Immigration Adviser from Student Immigration Advice and Compliance on

Whilst my family are visiting me in the UK can they also travel to Europe with me?

Your family can travel with you in Europe but they will need to apply for any necessary EU (Schengen) visas before they leave their home country. For information about Schengen visas please visit here



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