Courses that require ATAS

Undergraduate programmes

Aerospace Meng

Aerospace Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng

Aerospace Engineering with Industry MEng

Mechanical Engineering MEng

Mechanical Engineering with Industry MEng

Mechanical Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng

Physics MPhys

Physics with Space Science MPhys

Physics with Nanoscience and Technology MPhys

Physics with Planetary Science MPhys

Physics with Astrophysics MPhys


Postgraduate programmes of study

Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc

Advanced Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Industry MSc

Aerospace Engineering MSc

Aerospace Engineering MSc  with a year in Industry


Postgraduate Research Programmes

Biology Research

Biology Research (Part time)

Biology MPhil

Biology MPhil (Part time)

Biochemistry Research

Biochemistry Research (Part time)

Biochemistry MPhil

Biochemistry MPhil (Part time)


Cancer Studies Research

Cancer Studies Research (Part time)

Cancer Studies MPhil

Cancer Studies MPhil (Part time)

Cell Physiology & Pharmacology Research

Cell Physiology & Pharmacology Research (Part time)

Cell Physiology & Pharmacology MPhil

Cell Physiology & Pharmacology MPhil (Part time)

Chemistry Research

Chemistry Research (Part time)

Chemistry MPhil

Chemistry MPhil (Part time)

Computer Science Research

Computer Science Research (Part time)

Computer Science MPhil

Computer Science MPhil (Part time)

Cardiovascular Sciences Research

Cardiovascular Sciences Research (part-time)

Cardiovascular Sciences MPhil

Cardiovascular Sciences MPhil (part-time)


Engineering Research

Engineering Research (Part time)

Engineering MPhil

Engineering MPhil (Part time)





Genetics Research

Genetics Research (Part time)

Genetics MPhil

Genetics MPhil (Part time)

Genetics MD  Full time

Genetics MD Part time




Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Research

Infection, Immunity, Inflammation (part-time)

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Mphil

Infection, Immunity, Inflammation MPhil (part-time)





Mathematics Research

Mathematics Research (Part time)

Mathematics MPhil

Mathematics MPhil (Part time)

Molecular and Cell Biology Research

Molecular and  Cell Biology Research (part time)

Molecular and  Cell Biology MPhil

Molecular and  Cell Biology MPhil  (Part Time)

MRC Toxicology Research

MRC Toxicology Research (Part time)

MRC Toxicology MPhil

MRC Toxicology MPhil (Part time)


Physics Research

Physics Research (Part time)

Physics MPhil

Physics MPhil (Part time)





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