Booking your UKVCAS Appointment

UKVCAS Appointments - quick guide

Due to Covid-19, please see the latest information from UKVCAS Sopra Steria:

As part of your on-line visa application you will be required to provide your supporting evidence and book an appointment to enrol your biometric information. You will:

1. Set up your UKVCAS account

Select the ‘Book appointment’ button on the ‘Further actions’ page of your on-line application to go to the UKVCAS website

• Confirm your e-mail address when prompted

• Check your e-mail for your 6- digit access code

• Select the ‘Confirm access code’

• Set up your account using the access code, create a password and resolve the ‘Captcha’ questions

2.  Select your Appointment Type

You have a range of appointment types to choose from:

  • Tier 4 On-Campus Service Points *
  • Dedicated Tier 4 Centres
  • Standard Visa Enrolment appointments provided at UKVCAS Core Sites
  • Enhanced Service Points (ESPs)
  • Premium Lounges

*Tier 4 On-Campus Service Points (not currently available due to Covid-19)

  • As we, the University of Leicester, have arranged a biometric enrolment service you will be able to use this service.
  • You have already been sent an event code.
  • Book this type of appointment by selecting the ‘Mobile pop-up’ button on the Home Page.

Note: Group, dependant and BRP replacement applications cannot be processed at on-campus service points. Instead you can choose to attend a Tier 4 centre. These are dedicated student only service centres based around the UK. Details and codes for these centres can be found here.

3. Choose your location

To view and book a Tier 4 On-Campus Service Point (not curently available due to Covid-19) you will need and event codes and site name,  both of which have been provided to you.

  • Type in the University of Leicester.
  • Enter the 6 digit event code.

4. Choose your appointment date

  • Available appointments are displayed in 7-day blocks.
  • Click on the date that you want to attend an appointment on.
  • Any available and suitable appointment slots are displayed with associated costs (if applicable).
  • If there are no available appointments, select another date or return to the location list to select another location

5. Choose an Added Value Service

Additional services are available such as SMS messaging or scanning services. We advise that you scan and upload your documents before your appointment, so you do not need to add and pay for scanning services.

6. Review selections and checkout

You can review and change selection before paying:

  • Tier 4 Service Points: the cost of appointments is £50 per applicant.
  • Tier 4 Centres: the cost of appointments is £50 per applicant.
  • Other centres cost of appointments can vary, depending on location, day and time of appointment.

7. Review your Appointment Confirmation Email

  • Check your e-mail account for your confirmation e-mail
  • The e-mail includes: the date, time and location of your appointment
  • Quick Reference (QR) code that will be scanned at your appointment

8. Upload your Supporting Documents

We strongly encourage uploading documents before attending your UKVCAS appointment to minimise wait times and delays

  • Select the ‘Upload documents’ button after reviewing your appointment details or from the home page menu.
  • You can upload documents from any scanner or smart phone provided the image is clear and not larger than 6Mb (a black and white image is usually acceptable)
  • You should scan the biographic information (the page that contains your photo) of your passport or your ID document prior to your appointment

9. Attend your Appointment

What you MUST bring to the appointment:

  • Your current valid passport
  • If you do not have your current valid passport, other ID documents as stipulated by UKVI
  • The email sent to confirm your appointment
  • Document Checklist
  • Student card or CAS Number
  • If you have scanned your documents listed on the Checklist prior to the appointment, as a precaution take them with you, in case the scans are not clear and need to be scanned again.

10. Complete your Appointment

To complete your appointment, you will need to enrol your biometric information- this involves:

  • Scanning your passport
  • Taking a photograph of your face
  • Scanning your fingerprints
  • Capturing your digital signature
  • Confirming that you have provided all the required supporting documents for your application
  • Your passport and/or ID documents and other supporting documents will be returned to you at the end of your appointment. However, you MUST NOT travel outside of the UK whilst your visa application is being processed, as this will result in your visa application being cancelled.
  • Your biometric data and digitised images of your passport and supporting documents will be transferred to UKVI

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