If you are a campus-based student you must attend the classes specified in your course timetable. Your department is required by the UKVI to monitor your attendance.

Where attendance obligations have not been met then the University will terminate your registration and report the withdrawal to the UKVI. To learn more about your obligations regarding attendance, please visit the University's Senate Regulations here.

Attendance Requirements

If you fail to meet your attendance requirements then the University will end your place on the course and report this withdrawal to the UKVI.

You will be required to:

  • Meet any formal checkpoints required of you.
  • If you are a full time student you must reside in Leicester, or within easy commuting distance of the city, during term time.
  • Inform your department if you are unable to attend a class/classes straightaway. You will need to give the reason for your absence and supply appropriate evidence (e.g. a medical certificate). Students who are absent from compulsory teaching sessions without an acceptable explanation risk disciplinary action.
  • Inform your department if you want to leave the UK (for example, on a holiday or conference). Your leave must be approved in advance by your department and must not affect your ability to meet your attendance requirements. Departments may authorise short absences for personal reasons. Absences of more than one week can be approved by departments but must be in writing.

All full-time students must attend the University on a full-time basis. Since postgraduate research degrees have no terms or term-breaks attendance is required all year round, Monday-Friday 9-5 pm. If you are studying a postgraduate research degree please find further information on the Graduate School attendance pages.

You should contact your personal tutor to discuss your situation if you are struggling to fulfil the attendance or any other requirements of your course. If your personal tutor is not available you can speak with your Head of Department or an appropriate member of staff in the department/school office.

Suspensions of Study

There may be occasions when you need to apply to take a temporary break from your studies. This may be, for example, because a medical condition is preventing you from studying or you need to take a period of maternity or adoption leave.

If your studies are affected in this way then you can apply for up to 12 months suspension of study across your degree course. Your request will need the support of your department/supervisor and if granted puts your studies on hold until your circumstances allow you to re-commence them.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student you can find further information on suspending your studies here.

Find out more about suspensions of study or apply to suspend your studies if you are a post graduate research student.

Further attendance information for postgraduate research students can be found in the PGR handbook

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