Your Personal Timetable

Information for staff can be found on the staff timetabling web pages.

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students now have access to a personal University Calendar, where you can view all of your 2019/20 Semester One timetabled activities. New for the 2019/20 academic year, this provides the perfect space for you to coordinate all of your University activities and timetabled sessions, alongside your personal commitments.


How can I access my University Calendar?

You can view your calendar using:

  • Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device
  • MyCalendar in the MyUoL app on your mobile device (read-only version)
  • Microsoft Outlook on your personal PC/Mac, or a University PC

When using the MyUoL app, we would recommend viewing your Calendar in day view.

Find out more about accessing your calendar on the email and calendar help pages.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any mobile devices and computers you use to view your University Calendar are set to UK time otherwise events may not display correctly.


Calendar Reset

Please be aware that you are the owner of appointments in your University Calendar, including the timetabled activities that are published to you. This means that you have the ability to edit, move and delete timetabled activities - however, we strongly discourage you from doing so. Such changes will not update the University timetabling system, but it will affect your view of that information, and may result in you missing an important timetabled activity.

We understand that changes can happen accidentally, and for that reason, we have developed a tool called ‘Calendar Reset’. This enables you to refresh the teaching activities in your calendar back to their original state, should you need to do so.

There are two ways you can access Calendar Reset:

Using the MyUoL app

  1. Open the MyUoL app.
  2. Click the tile labelled ‘Reset your Calendar’.
    A page will pop up on your screen, confirming that you have reset the teaching activities in your University Calendar.
  3. Close the screen.
    You will now be able to continue using the MyUoL app.

Using the web link

  1. Head to the Calendar Reset web page.
  2. Click the text which says ‘Reset timetabled appointments in your University Calendar’.
  3. You will be taken to a page which says 'Your appointments will be reset.'.
  4. You have now successfuly reset the timetabled activities in your University Calendar. Simply close the page and the process is complete.

You are able to reset your calendar once within 24 hours.


Open Timetables

If you would like to view module, programme or room timetables, you can do so using Open Timetables. This is particularly useful if you would like to see if there are any rooms available for you to use as study space at short notice!

You can access Open Timetables at, or using the ‘Open Timetables’ tile in the MyUoL app.

To use this platform, simply:

  1. Choose the way that you would like to view timetables, using the drop down option on the left hand side.
  2. Click ‘View options’ and select a date range using the drop down option (e.g. Semester 1 and Pre-sessional).
  3. You will now be able to see the timetable in your desired way, for your desired period of time.

Open Timetables can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it’s also device responsive so can be accessed using a computer, phone or tablet. You do not need to log in to use it. We recommend using Chrome as your browser when accessing the platform.


How are student timetables created?

  • The University has a central system, which holds a record of all University students. The information in this system is pushed through to the University timetabling system, to be used when creating timetables.
  • Throughout the year, the Timetabling Team work with teaching staff across the University, to build timetables for all students, using the University timetabling system.
  • A draft copy of the timetable is shared with all teaching staff, providing an opportunity to highlight any changes that need to be made before the final timetables are published to all students.
  • At the start of each Semester, timetables are published to student and teaching staff University calendars.
  • The University aims to give each student the best possible timetable (e.g. avoiding long consecutive blocks of teaching without a break, or having large gaps between timetabled activities). However, various factors mean that this is not always possible. For example, staff availability and the availability of appropriate teaching space limits when an event can take place.


Questions about your timetable

If you have questions about your timetable, please refer to the query guides below:
If your question is not answered above, please speak to your School Administration Team. If you need technical help with accessing or using your calendar, refer to the IT help pages.


University Key Dates Calendar

All students and staff are able to access a University Key Dates Calendar. This contains important University dates all in one place, such as semester dates, registration deadlines, course transfer windows and exam periods.
Find out more about this on the University Key Dates Calendar web page.


Teaching starts on the hour, as published, and runs until 10 minutes to the stated finish time. This allows for a ten-minute change over time at the end of each hour-long block for setting up the next session and/or travel time between rooms. This is particularly important for large lecture theatres with a considerable volume of traffic leaving and entering the room.

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