Viewing Your Personal Timetable

The details of your department's current teaching timetable (including the date of publication) is now available.

Most departments issue teaching timetables via MyStudentRecord and now via the new MyUoL App or Desktop Site, however please check the timetable information for full details.

Your personalised timetable in MSR will include the details of lectures, tutorials, seminars and practicals.

If you have a personalised timetable but are taking modules run by the Physics department, please contact the department directly. 

Once you have logged into MyStudentRecord, click on the 'Study' tab. 

MSR Timetable View 

In the 'Study' section you will see 'Student Timetable' on the menu bar, clicking here will display your teaching timetable.

Timetable Views

The timetable information can be viewed by month, week, or day by selecting the appropriate tab above the top right of the calendar details. To see the full details of each teaching event please select the event you wish to view. Links to the campus map are available when you click on building links within events.

MyUoL App

The Timetable in MyUoL displays the same data as your MSR timetable but in a very user friendly App for checking your timetable commitments on the go.

Changes to the Timetable

Please log in regularly, as timetables may change and the group you are allocated to may also change, particularly in the first few weeks of term.

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