Advice to Applicants from Previous Award Winners

Charles Du Couedic De Kererant receiving his Teaching Partnership Award in 2012

Hear from Charles and Mervyn - two previous winners of Teaching Partnership Awards (TPA) - about what they think of the award scheme and their advice to anyone thinking of applying this year...


What do you think are the best things about this award scheme?

This award scheme formally recognises the contribution made to the enhancement of the student learning experience, which is something rarely recognised by any other awards. It is therefore a unique way to evidence any such activities.


Charles Du Couedic De Kererant (LLB/Maîtrise in English and French Law - one of seven students awarded a TPA in 2012)

Many students are involved in helping their peers either informally or through society led events. Most of these activities are done out of the willingness to help colleagues and in some cases due to a passion for teaching. This scheme provides a formal mechanism to acknowledge some of the exceptional contributions of students towards teaching.


Mervyn Thomas (MBChB/PhD student - one of three students awarded a TPA in 2011)

What impact has winning the award had for you?

Charles says;

Of course I was delighted when I received the email informing me that I had won this award, but it is more than just that. This award formally recognises all you have done and can only encourage you to continue doing so. It also looks amazing on your C.V. and I am sure it will make good impression during job applications and interviews.

Mervyn adds;

I was extremely happy to win this award and it has encouraged me further to get involved in teaching and also research based programmes at the University of Leicester.

What suggestions do you have for other students who want to support student learning?

Charles says;

There are many ways to support student learning, whether this is through a mentor or revision scheme, or working with the University and the Students’ Union. If you want to be involved, there many people you can help you: your Academic Society, your Student Representatives, the Students’ Union (Education Unit) or even your department. There will most probably be a project you could be involved in. The University is always very helpful in aiding such projects, and there will be multiple resources available to you.

Mervyn adds;

If you have a passion for teaching... get involved as much as you can in student led teaching programmes. This not only helps the students being taught but quite often the preparation involved boosts your understanding of the subject. The University of Leicester has a range of resources (lecture theatres, seminar rooms, library, AV equipment etc) available for students which can be utilised for enhancing your teaching/learning experience. The tutors within the University are always willing to help and I was fortunate to have mentors who provided me with good advice and additional help as and when needed. Therefore utilising these resources (material and human) could enhance your teaching programme.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about applying for a Teaching Partnership Award?

Charles says;

I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about applying to do so. This is a fantastic award, and you will not regret applying!

Mervyn's final piece of advice is;

If you are thinking about applying for the award this year then now is the time to start preparing!...Think about the different events that you have been involved with and how you contributed to them. If possible try and get some references from academic supervisors or student peers as evidence of these achievements. Remember that it's not necessarily about the number of things that you have been involved with but the quality of your contributions.


Good luck with your application!

Guidelines for the Application and Award Process and Application Form (Individual) / Application Form (Group)

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