Suspension of Studies

To suspend your studies complete and submit the application form in full. Please read the guidance on the form before completing it.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Suspension of Studies Form (PDF)

Important information

  • In accordance with the Senate Regulations periods of suspension count towards your maximum period of registration to complete your programme.
  • You must include your expected date of return.
  • The maximum period of suspension is 12 months.
  • It can take up to three weeks to approve your request for suspension.

  • Suspending your studies may affect your immigration status. We are legally bound to report suspending Tier 4 students to UKVI.
  • Before submitting your application you should obtain advice from our Student Welfare Service.

During your period of suspense you will still count as a registered student and the suspension will contribute to your overall period of registration (as per Senate Regulation 2.36).

Returning to study

Re-registration details will be sent to you before you resume your studies. If you have suspended on medical grounds the Registry will contact you before your resumption date to request a medical report from your General Practitioner, or other appropriate health professional. This medical evidence will need to be considered to establish whether you are fit to resume your studies and to ensure that suitable support is in place.

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