Suspending your studies - Distance Learning students

If something is affecting your ability to study and you need to take some time away from your course then you can apply to suspend your studies and return to your course at a later stage.
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Deadline for requests
Requesting a period of suspense
During your period of suspense

We understand that life is full of the unexpected, and that sometimes our circumstances can change very suddenly and dramatically. If your circumstances do change significantly due to something unforeseen, which you feel will prevent you from studying in the short-term, you may be able to ask for a break from your studies.

We will not normally agree to period of suspension of more than one year in the first instance. We will also not normally agree to a period of suspension which does not allow for the completion of the programme within the maximum period of registration. Please see your course Blackboard site for guidance on suspense durations so that you know what your options are regarding timescales. When applying for a period of suspense, you should tell us how long you think you may need as you may be able to join a different cohort of students.


Before requesting a period of suspense

Before deciding to suspend you should always talk with your personal tutor, and you should also speak with Student Welfare. Remember that suspension isn’t the only option when problems arise. You may be able to apply for mitigating circumstances or it might be possible to transfer to another course. (In an extreme situation, it is possible to withdraw completely, in which case you may receive a different qualification. We will always help you explore other options before making this decision).

Points to consider before you decide to apply for suspension:
  • The content of our courses sometimes changes from year to year, so the selection or content of modules available when you return may be different.
  • Fees, bursaries, scholarships, loans, maintenance grants – you should thoroughly explore how this will affect you financially.

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