Employer Reference Requests

As an employer you can verify a candidate's qualifications by requesting a reference from the University

Request a reference

You can request a reference by completing our online form.

Alternatively you can email to, studentservices@le.ac.uk, with at least two of the following pieces of information:

  • Full name of the candidate (whilst they were a student)
  • Date of birth
  • Former 'student number'
  • Candidate's former course title

The candidate must authorise us to provide you with a reference. This authorisation must contain the candidate's handwritten signature. Either you, or the candidate, can send us this authorisation.

The following methods of consent are not accepted:

  • Electronic signature
  • Verbal consent
  • Consent by email (unless the email contains a scanned copy of the consent document or candidate's signature)

If the candidate does not provide their signed consent, your reference request will not be processed.

Student Services Centre
Charles Wilson Building
University of Leicester
University Road

We cannot take reference requests by telephone.

Reference requests are normally completed within five working days.

Full transcripts will be available for 10 years from completion of students’ studies. Confirmation of their degree title and classification will be available indefinitely.

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