Your Personal Details

Postal addresses

The University records two types of address for students:

  • 'Home' address - usually your family home or address where you live during the University vacation. We will contact you at this address during vacation periods.
  • 'Term time' address - the address you live at during University term time. We will contact you at this address during term time.

These addresses may be the same if you permanently live locally to the University or you are a distance learning student.

Telephone numbers

The University records three types of telephone numbers for students:

  • 'Home' telephone number - usually your family telephone number or the telephone number of where you live during the University vacation.
  • 'Term time' telephone number - the land-line telephone number of the address you live at during University term time.
  • 'Mobile' telephone number

Email addresses

The University records your University ( email address and a personal email address. A large proportion of the communications the University sends you will be via email. Please make sure that you check your University email account, and any personal email account you have notified us about, regularly and inform us if you change your personal email address.

Emergency contact details

You are required to nominate and provide details of an Emergency Contact when registering for your course. You can nominate the person of your choice to be your Emergency Contact, it does not have to be your Next of Kin, provided that the person nominated is over the age of 18. For the majority of students the Emergency Contact is likely to be a parent or guardian, but could also be a sister, brother, spouse, partner, or another relative, or friend. Your Emergency Contact details only be used in exceptional circumstances by the University, and only in accordance with our Student Emergency Contact Protocol.

To change or update your personal details:

Log in to MyStudentRecord to change your postal address, personal email address, telephone number or emergency contact details.

If you are having difficulties doing this, please email StudentServices.


The University records your name as the one you used to make your application to your course (whether this was through UCAS or direct to our Admissions Office).

To change your name on the University records you will need to provide us with a certified copy of one of the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Deed poll

You will need to return this to the Student Services Centre in the Charles Wilson Building at the address below or in person to the receptionist at the main reception (campus map).

Student Services Centre
Charles Wilson Building
University of Leicester
University Road

We require an official English translation of all documents.

Once your degree has been awarded, you cannot change the name on your certificate.


The University is currently producing a new policy regarding gender identity.

If you are transgender and wish to change the name on your degree certificate you can find further information from the Equality Challenge Unit or the University's Equalities Unit.

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