Completing the claim form

These detailed instructions are for submitting mitigating circumstances requests using MyStudentRecord.

You can make mitigating circumstances requests online on MyStudentRecord (once you've logged in, click on the 'My Requests' tab).

MSR - My Requests

You should make a mitigating circumstances request no later than 7 calendar days after the assessment deadline or the date of a time-bound assessment or exam. If there are circumstances that stop you from making the request during this time frame, contact your school to let them know the circumstances and to discuss a revised deadline for submission of your claim.

We recommend that you complete your mitigating circumstances request (within the deadline) when you have all your evidence ready to upload with it. If you can't submit your evidence when you complete the form, explain why on the request and send the evidence to us afterwards by email.

The Advice Service in the Students' Union can help you complete the form and work through the process with you.


The first section includes information about you including your:

  • Student number
  • Course
  • Declared disabilities (if any)

During this section you will need to enter the date/s that will be affected because of your mitigating circumstances. You’ll then need to select all assessments and exams that will be affected during this time. Please be sure to select the correct assessment(s). If you’re not sure, speak to your school.



The next section asks you to tell us:
  • How the assessment was (or will be) affected.
  • What has happened to you.
  • How it was beyond your control.
  • What negative impact this had or will have on your ability to undertake the assessment on time.
Depending on the nature of your claim, you may not wish to disclose all of the details of your circumstances. We encourage you to provide enough information to explain your circumstances more broadly, without going in to specific detail. Those reviewing your claim simply need to be able to understand how your circumstances have or will impact on your studies.

Please be reassured that all information you provide will be handled confidentially.


Within this section you may also need to upload your evidence. If so, It must be in English.

  • If you are required to submit evidence but are unable to at the time of submitting your claim, you must indicate why using one of the tick boxes in this section. Any evidence provided after submitting the form should emailed to your School.
  • If you are not required to submit evidence, please confirm that you are not submitting evidence, and when asked for the reason as to why you are not uploading evidence at this time, select ‘I do not have my evidence yet, but will supply it 7 calendar days after the assessment due date.’ You do not need to supply this evidence.


3. The form includes a section to tell us whether you were absent from timetabled events during the affected period by ticking a box. Completing this lets your school know when and why you were absent.